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10 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms

Using social media is the best way to reach customers making it an amazing platform for marketers. It can be difficult to choose between too many options available as the platform grows. The social media business has evolved rapidly with people using it on a daily basis. Businesses are keeping their focus on social media strategies for their products and services. Your first thought can be to use all the available platforms but some are better for marketers. By using a good strategy, target audience who use the particular platforms. We are going to discuss some social media sites for marketers to win an audience.


Facebook is the first site that comes into mind while thinking of social media marketing. Facebook is the best social media marketing platform because it understands the concerns of the audience. It is considered to be the biggest social media platform in the world. Facebook took the initial step to provide advertising to businesses. Facebook pages are important for a company or brand. You should keep updating your social media pages regularly.


Instagram has been one of the great platforms for visual content. It is not a textual platform and you cannot put links in the post. It is best for businesses who wish to create photos and videos for their brand. It can be a good source for making a brand’s identity. Using hashtags will help you reach a large audience to expand your social presence.


It is a social network for professionals so it can be a useful tool for reaching B2B prospects. If you are hiring, maintaining a LinkedIn account can help candidates learn about openings. If you share updates about the company you can give them a glance of working experience.


Twitter is a fast – paced information based platform and many users seek news on it. So, it’s great for companies who post original content on a daily basis. New links to pages and blog posts is easy and doing it daily sends readers to your new content. Make a good strategy and make useful and informative content for building reputation.


Pinterest can be used for emerging trends and targeting niche audiences. People seek inspiration or find new trends by scrolling and searching. The majority of GenZ users are growing on this platform. Some popular categories on Pinterest include beauty, food and drinks, home decor and travel. Pinterest is the most impactful and affordable tool for marketing and increasing brand awareness.


You can post and share a video or photos that will remain for 24hrs before disappearing. You can create custom, branded geotags for certain events in a certain time. Most college students use snapchat so it’s good if you are looking to target them. It allows users to take screenshots about what you sent.


YouTube has the biggest user-generated content online in the form of videos. If your company creates content of its own it can be a great way of connecting with them. It is an ideal platform for engaging and reaching an audience by providing unique content. People spend most of their time on YouTube on an average basis. You can feature products in visually appealing ways on YouTube.

Tik Tok

After YouTube, Tik Tok is a platform where most US customers are seen. It is one of the most used platforms hence, Tik Tok marketing can be given a try. It shows authentic content and has the ability of building trust with consumers. Many people say Tik Tok has helped them make purchasing decisions that goes a long way.


Tumblr is a micro blogging platform and is valuable for reaching users between 16-34 ages. For marketing on Tumblr you should be aware of the platform and community. You can create sponsored content on this platform which is similar to posts. Sponsored posts can be targeted based on age, gender, and interest’s specified. You can generate leads, create brand awareness and customer support.


Quora is one of the social media platforms where you can choose topics that fit your business. For building up your professional brand, you can answer peoples questions. Even if you are not an expert, there are chances that you know more than others. You can direct high – quality leads and traffic to your website. Quora has 300,000 topics, which allows you to generate expertise on almost any topic.

For building customer relationships that last, you need to know where your audience stays online. By knowing which social media platforms to use is half of the battle. You need to understand what features make a platform most effective and their rules of engagement. For your better understanding, we have mentioned types of social media so choose wisely for your niche.


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