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10 Front-End Developer Portfolio Examples to Take Inspiration

A front-end developer is very essential for developing any website. With the upcoming time, we came up with such front-end developers who gave a website in a different from using their knowledge and creativity.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the best front-end developer portfolio. Keep on reading to explore further.

Who is Called a Front-end Developer?

The front-end developer is someone who creates the website layout and set the elements with the help of the website structural languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They determine what each element will work and look like.
The front-end developer needs to keep himself updated with the changing tools and techniques in

the field of website development. They need to ensure that the design layout works on the device and system effectively.

It will make an easy and smooth navigation experience for the user.

Importance of Front-end Web Developer Portfolio

There are many career opportunities for front-end web developers as it involves creativity and problem-solving skills. An experienced developer portfolio can showcase their skills while inspiring the upcoming front-end developer. The front-end portfolio is a work of self-exploration, demonstrating to another developer about the design elements of the brand. The hard work in one’s portfolio can become an inspiration for many.

Front-end Developer Portfolio Examples Are

1. Josue Espinosa

Josue Espinosa is an American software engineer who is also a front-end developer. He knows C, C+, C++, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, PHP, Python, and Swift Web Programming Languages and Technologies Angular.js, CSS3, Express.js, HTML5, jQuery, Node.js,, SQL, WordPress.

Josue had worked in the following companies:

Intui: mobile developer- build new features on the android and iOS sheets apps in a modular, testable manner for nearly 1,000,000 monthly users, maintaining the codebase, assisting in the REST API design process, resolving app issues reported by our users, and performed code reviews for other team members.

VYNYL: full stack engineer – updated SNOCRU to version 3.0 with a major user interface redesign, implemented interactive heat mapping to visualize speed and density, added APPLE watch and pebble smartwatch compatibility.

Hewlett-Packard (HP): software development intern

OFFTHEFIELD: iOS engineer- designed and implemented an iOS application to view two videos side-by-side, stacked, overlaid, or windowed, with intricate drawing and time-control tools to visualize athlete progression.

Yale University: android developer- redesigned the foundational sync process of the YALE trellis application for android, reduced sync process time by 92% through a compression algorithm, and updated III endpoints

Jimmy John’s: frontend developer- wrote advanced data import/export feature with data mapping and optional parameters, created drag-and-drop user interface element to allow items to be reordered within the web app – redesigned and optimized database schema, worked on bug xes, user interface updates, and performance enhancements, re¬ned tracking algorithm to substantially improve accuracy and performance

Website Link-

2. Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon’s website won the “Website of the year 2019”. His portfolio carries the best illustration of aesthetics particularly dynamic, featuring a 3D environment allowing users to go across the site’s many sections in a jeep. The jeep is used for navigation purposes and can be controlled by the user. Making it an interactive and entertaining way to keep users engrossed in the website. The visually applicative and cute elements make it pleasant to use.

Website Link –

3. Eric Van Holtz

Eric’s website homepage has a unique combination of a solid purple background along with a large, strong typeface including animation effects. Provides Technical Direction, Front-end Development, Craft CMS Solutions, and Development Consulting services.
A beginner developer can get inspiration through Eric’s web tons of projects.

Eric won various awards for his work:

Addy: Best of Gold, Silver- SOTD, Developer, H.M-Communication Arts Web Picks SOTD-CSSDA: WOTD, UI, UX, Innovation-CSS Winner: SOTD-FWA: FOTD, Public ShortList-W3: Best of Show, Gold, Silver-The Webby Awards: Honoree

Website Link –

4. Matt Farley

Matt Farley is a freelance designer, front-end developer, and mentor with eleven years of experience. Simplicity and a crisp portfolio along with making complicated things simple with the help of design is his specialty.

Matt uses few colors to create a consistent web design, at present the colors are white, shades of blue and green, building a simple and well-structured website and creating a great user experience.

Affinity Designer, Figma, Font Awesome, Sketch, Webflow, pen, and paper are his design tools. The computer languages he knows are HTML, Pug, Slim, CSS, Sass, and Git, along with the tools Atom, Bitbucket, Bootstrap, Bulma, Codekit, Github, Surge, Terminal, and Verce. Mentoring various students through his experience.

Website Link –

5. Dejan Markovic

Dejan is a product designer with 9 years of experience in different expertise.
He is a Self-Employed Product designer and manager dealing with clients while focusing on providing solutions to a problem or a business need and creating a great user experience, that is desirable, unique, sticky, and covetable.

Technical Skills

• HTML • CSS, CSS3 • jQuery • PHP • MySQL • Familiar with JavaScript • Familiar with C# • Familiar with React • Familiar with React Native • Familiar with Objective-C • Familiar with Swift

Software Known

• Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Lightroom • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Flash • Adobe Premiere • Adobe After Effects • CorelDraw • Final Cut Pro • Cinema 4D • Sketch • Framer X • Logic Pro • Visual Studio • Xcode

Awards won are 365 Awesome Designers April 2015 and Microsoft Imagine Cup May 2010 Second award at the National Competition Imagine Cup.

Website Link –

6. Sumit Vekariva

Sumit is Full Stack Software Engineer in India. He created a mobile application with the help of JavaScript technology stacks, including Angular, Flutter, and Node.js. The portfolio consists of simple UI, using text and white spacing as the main element making it an X Factor of his designs. Based in India is shown in large, bold, all-caps letters in the centre of the web page, which will grab your attention.

The rest information is covered below it with various buttons.

Website Link –

7. Lynn Fisher

Lynn is an artist and freelancing designer with a wide variety of expertise in creating desktop and web applications covering front-end design, along with demonstrating front-end abilities such as brand identification, graphics, and illustrations. Her portfolio makes excellent use of the fullPage.js module creating a lovely full-screen experience with stunning visuals and a few short phrases. It gives the page a contemporary feel and creates something unique that will help to grab the attention of the viewer. Lynn has worked with, Netify, &yet and meltmedia

Website Link –

8. Afua Debora

Afua Debora is popularly known as a front-end developer for her pastel color scheme and the visual typography elements that make her stand out in the race of portfolio. With her creativity and passion, blending color gives a plate full of wonders of front-end design.

Website Link –

9. Cory Hughart

A pixel graphic design is something different from a normal portfolio design and that’s what the Hughart website speaks about. The text is a little bit humorous making the user’s mood light along the well-designed pixels style. The website design includes background animations of an orbiting celestial body representing outer space. Cory is a full-stack web developer, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG. Cory plans, designs, builds, launches, and maintains a website. He had worked on 10+ published cross-platform iOS and Android apps.

Website Link –

10. Edgar Deine

Edgar’s online portfolio is a classic example of how to use vibrant color in an illustration while maintaining a simple and uncluttered design. The present website theme deals with single, bold, color — yellow — and balances it out with a neutral black avoiding the clashing colors and patterns. This creates a create an eye-catching site without visual noise.

Website Link –



Wrapping Up

These web developers might be already your inspiration and soon in the digital world, you want to leave your mark so, keep on learning by updating yourself with the latest trends and technology.

Hope so this portfolio of front-end developer was resourceful, for more Website development blog stay in touch with us.


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