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16 Best Graphic Design Software of 2022 (Free & Paid)

A best graphic designing software would be the one who helps designers as well as amateurs. Professional designers need software that caters all their needs. While those who are working on personal projects would choose free software and limited complicated programs.

Well, this article might help you answer this question. For a WordPress or ecommerce site graphics helps to make it presentable. We have made a list of free and paid tools to compare and choose accordingly.

Free Software’s:

1.Design Wizard

For beginners, design wizard is the best free graphic design software. A large database of images along with free templates is available. It has a user-friendly interface where you can create custom made templates. User friendly mode despite being easy to use it has been free of cost. Resizing a design with a single click with Design Wizard.


Canva is the most widely used option for graphic design. Fully – designed templates, graphics, texts, etc are very easy to use. Any project can be tackled freely with the help of canva. Although some graphics and templates need a pro version for downloading. All you need to do is create a free account, select the design dimensions, and keep playing with the features. Canva is known to be the best graphic designing software.


For many designers Gravit is beyond capable of free designing. Some features require a paid version for advanced features. It can be used in MacOS, Linux, or chrome. Gravit can work for any enterprise, freelance workers, mid-size business, etc. Gravit has a self-adjusting interface. Automatic pro features are granted to you when you open a free sign up account. Online and offline work can be done with the software.


All your 3D, 2D, animation needs are catered with Blender. It is recommended by designers, illustrators, and animators extensively. It has helped them in modelling, sculpting, UV, VFX, rendering. It is an open-source platform and 100% free to create and share your graphic designs. It can animate videos and images and python scripting can be done too. Blender with its sparkling features can be used in different creative processes.


Infographics are very useful and shareable and have seen an increase in search volume. You get lots of template ranges and designs to choose from. Piktochart offers a support hand for non-designers in the process. Hence, it can be called as an easy graphic design software. Piktochart is a cloud-based application. Maps, charts, videos and hyperlinks can be created with infographics.


Images can be edited with effects, overlays and borders available. You can run it on iOS and android. It is used by Instagrammers and photography buffers for simple and convenient tasks. If you are an editing freak for your images, you should give Pixler a try. This is a popular design software for people who have basic design or photography experience.


Many people face difficulties in finding the right palettes and colour schemes. Coolers is an application that is a saviour for you. It provides a perfect coordination for colours that go well together. Select from a trending, palette or select your own colour and fill out a palette. Even if you have zero design experience, website and brand colours can be enhanced.


DesignHill is an innovative and incredible photo editor application. Creation of images as well as logos is also possible. A library of shelves and effects makes editing a breeze. If you have time concerns, DesignHill will be a time saviour. It has a click based clean and simple interface that offers creative freedom. Graphics for T-shirts that speak of a personality can be covered. It offers a service to meet all your designing needs.

Paid Software’s

1.Adobe illustrator

The best feature is having an intuitive experience that feels built for making life easier. It provides you with layouts and keeps all your files in the cloud. Even if you switch to another device there is no need to worry. Website mockups, artwork, logos, corporate work, page layouts and other illustrations are done. You can edit multiple artworks simultaneously with its panel editing feature.

2.Adobe Photoshop

Retouch, remake, replace, and advanced functions can be done with photoshop. Photoshop is a graphic design software widely used among designers. Customised designs can be made that helps you create any texture with multiple brushes available. Coordination has been made very easy with these features. It has some excellent graphic designing abilities.


Visme creates and visuals for your presentations including social media posts, flowcharts, graphs, etc. Built in a user-friendly model that guides you in the entire design process. This makes it easy to use. There are templates available that are categorised according to industry. It also gives inspiration by browsing the Visme gallery. It’s an all-in-one application that aligns all your creative needs.


If you are creating content for digital things this is a go-to product for you. Colour replacement and image editing is what Corel draw can be used for. Vectors and illustrations can be made with Corel Draw. Interfaces can be recreated to fit your preferences. It has an incredible collection of assets available for any requirements. It gives you professional-like features and if graphic designing is a part of your life CorelDraw is a must.


A UX designing solution that helps developers with illustration work. Keyboard shortcuts can be used by the staff members. Enables you to save a file in formats like PSD, JPG, SVG and PDF. Images editing can be done in a centralised platform by professionals. Specific parts of the image can be erased, exposure can be balanced, according to the need. It provides a one-time licence on pricing. It can have extended support on phone, mails, documentation and other methods.


Sketch is an online platform that helps designers with image editing, effects, and typography. Data can be exported, projects can be managed. Is used primarily for UI and UX design. Sketches recently added features for prototyping and collaboration. Sketch is mostly used by Mac users.

7.Adobe InDesign

Posters, flyers, magazines, can be created with Adobe InDesign. Creation of high quality documents is possible using this software. An interactive designing structure is enabled for the designers. To enhance your design it can act as a perfect stock asset. Lot of eBooks and many digital publications are created using this software. You can preview your designs with this feature.

8.Vector Styler

Vector styler has an easy to understand feature. It has an intuitive process like the wrap tool. Illustrator files can be exported and can import AI brushes as well. It has a big range of vector brushes and other tools like shape builder, blend tool and pattern tool. Initially it was built for Mac but has been made available for windows too.

Web design and development blog has come up with graphic designing software for graphical uses in the process. To make a web page look amusing graphics is required but choosing the appropriate one is a complicated process. We have listed some pointers for you so that you can choose according to your financial aspects. If you are a non-designer, free tools can make the process simple. We hope you enjoy the process of creating.


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