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6 Essential Tips for Building Proper Website Structure

A website structure is about the navigation of your website and how it is user-friendly. Website structuring is the same as structuring a house. A solid house structure improves confidence, use and stability and similarly for a website. Website ownership means the ownership of the website’s structure. It has a huge impact on the user experience, and success of a website. For efficient structuring of websites, we have many other Blog on website development.

Look at Your Competitors

Identify your competitors and see what they are doing and how they have built their website. Look at how organised their information is and how many sections they have. It’s a good idea to check the structure of rivals and notice them from a user’s point of view. Apart from manual research, you can use Parsing and web scraping tools. You can see which page shows greater results in search, website structure and keywords.

Keyword Lists

You have analysed what keywords work best for your rivals, so now do more research and collect a keyword list. You can use a ‘Keyword research’ tool, which helps you collect relevant words. You can get suggestions from higher domain rankings. For a multi-lingual website, you’ll have to create separate research of keywords for each language. Other keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends have relevant forums for keywords.

Make Websites Load Quickly

Design your website with performance in mind to its best so that they load properly. While thinking of building your website, make website pages simple and easier to load. Users have the tendency of leaving the site if it loads too slowly. This can also have an effect on their purchasing decisions. A lot of people navigate web pages from their phones so they get a ‘less is more mind-set’. You should be able to provide small pages and a rich user experience. Optimize images and videos for fast downloads, use a website host that handles bandwidth demands.

Write for Readers Instead of Search Engines

These days search engines are sophisticated enough and will reward you if your content speaks. All you need to do is put a solution for the query asked in an appropriate way. Put your audience first, means a list of things, which relate to best practices for content writing. Few points can be kept in mind like – writing simple sentences so that the viewer understands easily, try to write the way you speak so it feels authentic, try to know and understand your audience, giving them solutions will help you in the long run, you can address real challenges faced by humans.

Keep Pages Uncluttered

If your site has too much information, it can overload a mind making it unable to retain new information. Make a good balance of text and graphics that present a clean page. You can keep it simple by cutting social widgets like twitter feeds on your site. Create website structure by adding information your reader actually cares about. If your widget content is not supporting your purpose, immediately remove it.

Internal Links

Users should be able to go from one page to another without hassle. This is important for websites that have many pages, for being navigable with few clicks. Experts suggest that three clicks is enough to find a page and this guideline can act wonders. It also helps search engines to discover pages, and it gives a proper flow between content and pages. It will be harder for search engines to crawl if pages aren’t linked. Categorise and organise links so that they don’t disturb your website structure.

Wrapping up!

Prioritise how easy it is for real users to navigate around your site. Always consider ‘users’ because they matter more than anything else. Create your website with a clean and intuitive structure so that it’s good for all users. If your website is already live, you can rework on its design and improve its structure. Do not hesitate to invest your resources and time for an SEO friendly website. Building a website is an easy task if done correctly by avoiding silly mistakes.
Consider the tips for creating a website and make the best structure of your website.


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