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6 must-have E-Commerce Rich Snippets to stand out in search

Did you know? Google is always looking to enhance its users’ experience on the search engine. That is why Google constantly updates its SERP feature i.e Search engine results page, to direct queries, featured snippets, show knowledge graphs, and lots of other things. Another way to describe SERP is the process of exploring search engines according to a query a user put into the search and shows it on the first page. Of course, each search engine is built differently but since google owns 80% of all market shares, we will focus on their features. Owning the majority of the shares lets Google SERP features get more recognition and traffic from google searches and also helps you to gain more trust and credibility for your business.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are basically the information boxes that you see appearing at the top of the Google SERPs when you search for a product. They allow you to see products and their relevant content to your search, see consumer reviews and get answers to your questions all from the same page section. In short, snippets help you to show your product, reviews, and prices. It helps the search engine to better understand your business. The use of snippets for ranking is pretty common. When google gathers enough information about your business, it allows web crawlers to dig deeper into your website and rank you better accordingly. A rich snippet that appears on the first page of Google, can increase your chances of getting more clicks on your site than usual. Yet, Google Rich snippets will not entirely help you rank higher. However, you can use the snippets to boost your SERP rank indirectly.

What are the different types of Rich Snippets?

Product Rich Snippets

These snippets basically show primary information about a product that includes a picture, product name, description, pricing, and rating. Other snippets dont usually show a picture but instead show a description in many cases. There are many ways you can choose how you want to display the information that appears in a snippet. Always choose the snippet according to what might attract your prospective buyer.

Rating and Review Rich Snippets

Studies show that almost 92% of buyers read a review first before making their purchase decision. Because of that, it is reasonable to offer a review panel to attract more buyers. Review snippets appear at the left corner of the page. It includes reviews from other buyers who did purchase the product from other websites. You can also add a backlink which will take your buyer to access all the reviews from other buyers regarding the purchase they made. Review and rating snippets are not complicated like anything compared to other snippets, utmost the easiest to perceive. You only need to include a star rating next to the product to show interest.

Price Rich Snippets

Buyers love a comparison shopping experience. Every online buyer takes a price comparison before they buy any product. When a user searches for a specific product, they see a price against another item. There are other factors that you can add to price snippets such as price changes and discounts.

Breadcrumbs Rich Snippets

A breadcrumbs Rich Snippets helps to show where your pages sit on a site’s hierarchy. Adding Breadcrumbs Rich Snippets will allow your users to explore your site with ease. A user can follow the trail of breadcrumbs that can lead them through between the higher and lower levels of your pages. You need to fill in details such as name, item, and position to enable the breadcrumbs list.

Availability Rich Snippets

Availability Snippets are used as an informative bar to show whether are in stock or out of stock at the given moment. This can help you in two ways. One is that your customer does not need to visit every time to check whether the product is available or not, other than that it will reduce the overall bounce rate of your website.

Video Rich Snippets

If your product needs a video description, feel free to add a video Rich Snippet. Adding a video helps you significantly market your product easily. You can also use the same videos as explainer videos on your e-commerce site. It will definitely make your product stand out. Also, a video snippet will help you improve your ranking and let you connect with your customer better.

An E-commerce Rich Snippet offers a lot of information to your buyers to influence their buying decisions. You can also use it to improve your overall ranking on the search engine too. Rich snippets will drastically help you achieve more buyers than usual and build your credibility for your business as points suggest in this website development blog.


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