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6 WordPress Mistakes That Will Cost You

If you are wondering, why my website brings low revenue? Then our web developer blog is your information guide. Sometimes we need to consider the text, alignment, and shades to ensure good user experience and well maintained site experience. Anyone would be annoyed if they get less traffic and a high bounce rate. To understand the root cause of this problem we are mentioning six points.

Choosing the Wrong Platform

‘Seek before you leak’ is a common saying and is an evergreen thought that people tend to ignore. The biggest mistake done is selecting the wrong blogging website. There are two versions available for WordPress blog – and A self-hosted WordPress blog gives you all the feature access that everyone loves. If compared between the two is a blog hosting service and is a self-hosted platform.

Not Keeping a Backup

Losing data is very heart-breaking for anyone who has invested their time and money. Keeping a backup is important to be on a safer side. Research has seen tons of data loss caused by damages worth millions of dollars. Accidents like theft, hacking attempts, viruses, etc are rising. The best defence mechanism is keeping a backup to stay powerful. You could lose all your data and it will be very difficult to recover. Hence keeping a backup is always advised to avoid WordPress website cost. Setting a backup is simpler than you think it would be. There are excellent WordPress plugins available that you can use for backing up and storing your data.

Outdated Tools

Always keep your WordPress site updated, this can be the easiest way to avoid mistakes. Most of the WordPress malwares are related to plugins so it’s important to keep them updated. To avoid security issues, updating regularly can avoid issues. There are updates that might have security fixes, enhancements in functioning or features. Also make sure you use themes and versions compatible with the new update.

Posts Instead of Pages

Knowing what type of content you want to keep for a website is important. There are many types of content that include pages, posts, videos or guides. You should be mindful about which one to choose that avoids common WordPress mistakes. If you don’t understand the difference between the two it can be messy and confusing. Knowing when to use a page or post for SEO purposes is beneficial. Pages like Contact page, Privacy policy, Services etc should be available as must.

Poor Security

We have told you how WordPress is important for the CMS platform. And how it is a target to hackers. Many sites are being hacked each day by those that use WordPress. Significant steps can be taken for security to decrease treats and malwares. Hackers stealing data from your website and the consequences of them is a nightmare! Your reputation, SEO value and loss of important contacts can be a worse liability. Hence WordPress cost can be avoided by taking security measures.

Mindlessly Downloading “Free Themes”

You will get tons of themes and sites offering themes that you will think is no harm using. You need to ‘fire’ them right now that are probably your favourite. These themes are like food apps that show less price and high delivery charges. The free themes are not actually free if you have a thorough research. Ignoring this disturbs many factors including the quality of your site. Most of the sites have malicious code links that can be very harmful. There are reputable sources available, which can be downloaded and used without any worry.

WordPress is an awesome site, and managing your website is crucial. Along with being, a common and powerful tool one can easily make silly WordPress mistakes. Falling victim to these above mentioned pointers are what we have seen many websites lacking. Review this guide and refer to it before making mistakes. ‘Learn from our mistakes or don’t make mistakes at all’


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