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7 Popular Website Design Tips to Get the Ideal Website

Website designing is a critical part of any business because it creates an impression. The website design directly talks about the brand and conveys the message to viewers. It is the heart of the business and any other marketing campaign. People learn about the business, finding important information and becoming a customer. Judgments are made in seconds regarding a good or bad website and the question of worthiness comes from it. An appropriate website design can result in higher bounce rates affecting the results. A web design can seem like a minor consideration but it’s a big step in the marketing strategies success. Website development blog topics focuses on website design tips for making a most responsive website.


Navigation Flexibility

When someone enters your website, it should appear less complicated for them. Sometimes a visitor comes with a thing in their mind already, so don’t complicate by showing many options. Of Course, you will be willing to give them tons of options but try not to overwhelm them. All the important information should be found easily by the user for taking an informed decision. Make a design as simple and organized as possible with simple headings, product type divided, and other services. For more advanced categorizing, make a drop-down menu below the headings. Keep yourself in the place of the audience and then start designing your website. Conduct some user tests if you need more preferences of customers towards the brand. Website engagement becomes more efficient and helps users find more relevant content. The topic of functionality is always the backbone of websites with navigation.


Visual Elements

A simple website design doesn’t mean to create a boring website with no taste. Add some visual elements like relevant pictures and graphics coordinating with the brand. They are the most eye-catchy details that keeps the users engaged than only browsing through texts. Add elements and designs related to the content you’ve written that appeals to the reading time. Add pictures of staff, work and products giving an authentic look and feel to the web page. Adding good visuals comes under the most crucial web design tips. Collaborate with a designer for customized graphics or infographics contributing to interesting visuals. Apart from visuals and graphics, try considering videos as well because it gives the best impact. Videos make people stay longer on the site than reading content because they are attractive. You can add testimonials or basic graphical videos explaining the details, customer experience or even the journey of the business. However, maintain the boundaries with white space because it makes the website clutter free.

Typography of Brand

Just as the words of content are given importance, the type of font shouldn’t be left behind. Enhance the website by giving a right look by enhancing the effectiveness of your words. Typography considers visual elements like size, color, style and spacing of letters. All the factors impact the overall perception of your brand and visual hierarchy. Avoid using distracting fonts and can appear irritating so keep two or three fonts for the entire website. Choose one font for heading, one for subheading and one for body and make this consistent throughout the entire site. Control your urge to use the fonts that are not ‘web safe’ which are verified. Don’t use flashy fonts, they do get attention but are distracting when used excessively.

Avoid Autoplay

It’s true that video, audio and other forms can give life and engagement to websites but avoid Autoplay features. These are distractive and difficult for users to navigate in the site. These features can make it difficult to find the CTA buttons that can affect brands. Autoplayed video and audio can appear frustrating and annoying for visitors resulting in dissatisfaction. You might have experienced such instances yourself while browsing on some sites or apps. It appears embarrassing and awkward if played out loud in public. To gain more respect give a play option and simply allow users to click the play button.

Be Mobile Responsive

Most of the users spend time on their phones for the sole reason that it’s handy. Optimize your site for being mobile friendly because it will result in trouble accessing if it isn’t. Visitors will find the site inefficient if it isn’t responsive on mobile devices. Infact, your site should look great on any platform and device including mobiles and tablets. Even though you might do most of your shopping’s through mobile, imagine if your favorite site lags. Tailor the site to meet the visitors needs being more than responsive fit. If the websites cut-off on mobiles, displaying wrong image positions then it will give a bad impression. Keep your focus on minimal design making it easier for users to focus on the website. Being mobile responsive is one of the best web design tips for beginners.


Seek Feedbacks

Opinions of people are sometimes really helpful for right or wrong and minor changes. Give people a hint of background, projects and goals for better feedback. Ask some questions like Does the visual hierarchy work? How can usability be improved? Is it missing any other elements? Does it follow responsive website guidelines? Will this website be attention grabbing? Can the content be better for improving readability? Designers are not just the sole people whom you can take feedback from. Seek it from marketers, content writers, or even your family members and friends.


Show Company Culture

Potential customers look out for a partner whom they can trust and seek guidance. They are not looking only for sales or technology prospects nowadays. New methods need support through the process for transforming their businesses into new technologies. Visitors will always be keen to know the actual people behind the screens. Therefore, company culture can go a long way in building brand credibility. This method will add life to the website with a human-to-human touch. You can add employee videos, a company blog, and social responsibility.

Final Thoughts!

Website designing is evolving, and why not? It is a rewarding pursuit. Website development constantly comes up with new design techniques, tools and designs. Include a share button in the products and services so that customers can share it with friends and family. Try looking out for some inspiration and ideas of relatable websites browsing through best website design. Keep your creative outgoing by checking on the trends by exploring and learning more. We have mentioned some best website development tips to keep you ahead with all the latest methods.


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