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8 Important Web Design Principles that Work in 2022

Creating an appealing website is not a difficult task today’s date. You will be able to find numerous web creators online that will create catchy websites. What’s attractive to you might not be to others because beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. The effectiveness of your website is judged by users and not owners, it’s not about appearance only! A design is a combination of appearance and functionality only, it might lose base if overcomplicated. Google will not love to promote a website that has dull designing methods and functions. In the series of the website development blog, we are giving you a quick overview on principles in web design.

Visual Hierarchy

Squeaky wheels get greased and prominent visuals get attention of the traffic. Visual hierarchy is the most important principle of a website design and the order of perception. Some things in the website is important than others like forms, calls to action, value propositions, etc. Suppose your website has 15 items, consider if they are important or not. Consider where you want the user to click and make those links more prominent.

White Space and Clean Design

White space is the proportion of the webpage that remains empty or blank. It is about the space that is between columns, lines of type and visuals. The blank space gives very much importance to the objects, typography, colour or images. Without the white space, it can look cluttered and crammed full of texts or graphics. It can make it difficult for the visitor to read hence, simple websites are significantly better.

Usage of Easy-to-Read Fonts

A visitor’s first look is on the texts and images so it should be well selected. Fonts that are hard to read will result in a higher amount of bouncing rate. If you do a comparison between a news and photography site you’ll see a difference. Some fonts that are used are Serif, Sans, Serif, Script and Display that you can check out. Apart from them, there are many other unconventional fonts like image and cartoon fonts. These can be used in designing web banners, hero sections, and featured images for appealing look.

Make a Good Logo

A logo is more than a design that forms brand identity and creates a solid first impression. A best web design principles is not to copy the famous logos of other brands. They often fail to convey the brand message properly and can severely affect the branding. A logo is a silent ambassador of business so check some principles of design website logo

    • Create a Logo That is Easy to Remember
    • Don’t Copy More Than 50% of Other’s Logo
    • Use the Same Colour Palette That is Used on the Website
    • Make It in Such a Way That It Looks Good in Any Colour Background
    • Make a Text That Sounds Meaningful to the Audience
    • It Should Be Like a Sticker on the Product Label

Triggering Animations

Most of the time animations look like a time-wasting element, but research supports its importance. It can be an important part of a modern website design company that gains attention. They resulted in increased attention by 26% and 22% more conversions that speaks of its importance. So making it a part of the principles of a good website will work wonders. User-triggered animations have shown to have a beneficial impact on engagement and impressions on your website.

Being Accessible and Inclusive

Get started with accessible design and descriptive alt text for images enabling keyboard navigation. Keep the text legible easy-to-read and high-contrast and optimise screen recorder codes that’s far from complexity. Make the website inclusive for users of all identities and backgrounds and make it a priority. Use inclusive language and diverse images to ensure everyone who visits feels comfortable and welcomed. Although we are not experts in accessible design, we are working to make our site more inclusive. We believe website usability principles are most important for accessibility and inclusiveness that everyone should follow.

Be Unique

Off Course it can be helpful to look out for some references and inspirations while creating a website. It is also important to make your brand look unique that shines through the message you convey. Never copy other websites that seem to look good for your web without considering specific business goals. Just because some elements work for others, doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. Make a specific design layout like an infinitive scroll homepage that might be on trend lately. Give significance to original design and your web page will stand out to users.

Make Responsive Design

Optimise the web design for desktop and mobile devices by creating a responsive design. Make layouts and grids or other functions depending on the size of the viewers screen page. Websites use breakpoints to enable responsive design that are the points when web page layout changes. The website can also start removing unnecessary content or move it to the bottom of the screen. It can also shrink its links into dropdown menus in a narrow aspect ratio.

Wrapping up!

So these were some of the basic web design principles. There is a difference in web design and art so many psychological and design principles are applied. A great website can be designed by applying aspects of those laws to the layout. Good design delivers aesthetically pleasing and financially rewarding outcomes. Check out the principles of good website design that we have mentioned in the article. Tried and tested web design principles give you the guidance needed to build a web page.


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