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Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Business

Many businesses use social media as the easiest marketing tool for meeting the business demands and goals. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Meta, Twitter, etc have millions of users using the platform. People use these platforms in the most creative ways to reach potential clients and customers. New businesses constantly keep finding new ways to evolve and grow in the market. For a small business, social media is the best tool providing a solid range of supported social networks. You can schedule and manage social media posts from a single platform having time convenience. We will mention some pointers for social media management tools which can be really helpful for small businesses.

Zoho Social

This tool will help you manage brands on social media in the best way possible. With Zoho, you can create reports in a customised way, keep an analysis of social media performance, and monitor what matters with Zoho. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc can be managed with potential customers. Zoho comes with a 15-day free trial with unlimited scheduling and posting. The plan gives access to one team member and a brand for practising multiple posts. Even if you purchase the premium plan, you will get unlimited options for posting.


Hootsuite offers unlimited posting and scheduling at a limited price, which can be used to its best. You can queue up to 30 posts in a time so the free plan is worth trying. For a business who has a single runner, Hootsuite will be a friend to them. It supports popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. The free plan consists of a 30-day free trial with unlimited posting and scheduling. There are over 1-5+ users using Hootsuite. However, a starter pack for small business can be a good option for compact business. The professional pack will allow you to manage 10 profiles at once.


If your niche is specified for a younger audience Loomly can be the best platform. You can target people using Snapchat and TikTok which are mostly used by the younger generation. However, the other platforms are supported as well with covering all the basics of a business. Loomly allows you to stay on the top with any team and projects. You can go on and create a remarkable brand with your team. Do collaborations, publishing and all the analytic features empowering all the marketing teams.

Sprout Social

Sprout social has the highest price with no free plans in vision. Its ideal feature is that it boosts communications between business and users. You can improve your social metrics by keeping a track of your social profile activities. Although, there are restrictions on the number of social profiles with 5 profile limits and 10 on the highest plan. As the price so are the benefits like top standard post scheduling and analytics. There are a wide range of tools with smart inbox, monitoring, CRM, external integrations, mobile access, account structure, analytics, external integrations, etc. You’ll also get an image editor, being a task dashboard and management functionality. It is a pricey alternative but with growing business you could benefit with classy subscriptions.


Buffer gives the most flexible pricing starting from the most reasonable package. It also has an excellent free version available making it perfect for teams with budget constraints. Buffer has a 14 day trial available working for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. A user can use it while accessing three social channels creating 10 scheduled posts for beginner users. However, the cons do not integrate with many major platforms as competitors. It’s for people who have minimum posting needs require low-key ways to engage with the audience.


If you have a team, CoSchedule will be a perfect fit for your needs offering generous pricing schemes. It gives more significance to content and scheduling emphasising on social performances. Check out for how you can organise content with a calendar feature which adds to another advantage. It offers generous user limits, having a top tier organisation and engagement capabilities. The great organisation capabilities include task management, team comments and task dashboard included in plans. It’s obvious that it will support all social media platforms along with WordPress and Hubspot. Its features include team collaboration, social campaign templates, bulk scheduling, custom social media calendar, auto-filling posting schedule, and integration with 9 tools. This too is a bit expensive, because only 10 users can connect with social media profiles. If you need multiple user access you can switch to Marketing Suit for managing all in one place.


This social media marketing tool supports all marketing platforms with reasonable pricing tiers. It will cope with a versatile method, giving highly capable social media management tools. It will elevate your brand story on social media while connecting with your teams and clients easily being agency focused. Sendible offers functions like time optimization, listening on Facebook and Twitter and inbox message tagging. It also supports blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr and Medium with the best dashboard. Speaking of dashboard, it has custom social media reports, social media calendar, social media listing, unified social inbox, team collaboration, etc. The platform can supercharge your marketing support with rapid expansion but it comes with a price. The plans have no free subscriptions available with 100 posts limit on a lowest tier. But if you decide to choose this, it will give the best results with the mentioned pros.

With the above list, you will see many options being the best solutions for your social media managements. There will be alternatives for your alternative needs of solutions for different types of social media tools. We have listed free and paid options depending on your financial plans too. We will allow you to choose the one for managing your social media presence effortlessly. However, the main motive is to grow the business and a tool supporting that growth.


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