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Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Increasing Traffic

Being a website owner, you will be much aware of the importance of SEO. A great way to come up with this blog is posting good content regularly. Blogging affects business and improves the entire blog’s strategy. Rank the site higher with WordPress website SEO plugins in search engines. The process can appear a bit complicated and overwhelming but it’s not. Make the best use of the plugins for content insights and optimise the website.
While searching for SEO plugins, you will find dozens of articles featuring dozens of tools. Although most blogs like ours will share the most popular SEO plugins that are extremely important. Using more than one plugin on the website is something that you will never want to do. To make the process simpler we are mentioning some amazing plugins that you can just start using.

Yoast SEO

This is one of the most popular plugins for comprehensive features to optimise your website. Many newbies find difficulty in deciding what plugin options should be most useful. Yoast SEO helps you optimise your website’s Google search results offering a variety of features. This can improve rankings by keeping a check on site titles, descriptions and keywords. This is the essential plugin that is worth considering to boost websites visibility and organic traffic. It is so popular for driving traffic because it automatically generates XML sitemaps. The process makes it simpler for the search engines to crawl on your website. Your data can be easily imported if you decide to use another SEO plugin. Other popular features of Yoast SEO includes readability analysis, Google and social previews and faster loading time for better user experience.

All in one SEO for WordPress

This is the SEO plugin that is the most powerful tool creating content that search engines easily understand. It seamlessly integrates with web master tools and social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Bing, etc. It has an automatic search engine notification system that will constantly guide you in the process. It has tutorials so that you can understand the working of the plugin. It has exceptional customer support which has made it the best provider used by over 3 million users. Improve rankings with the free version containing all the necessary features. The pro version has everything you need being an easy setup wizard. Title text and alt text is automatically generated by the plugin being image SEO flexible. AIOSEO shows on-page analysis with an actionable checklist and optimises your posts and pages. Use the dynamic values with a smart meta tag generator in titles and meta – descriptions.

SEOPress Review

SEO press is an approachable solution for people who are new at handling SEO. It is perfectly for people who are not looking to spend big bucks on the plugin. It has the most developed establishment by WordPress SEO plugins. Even if a user decides to switch, SEOPress has an option of importing data from other SEO plugins. It will manage title tags, meta descriptions, meta robots, open graphs, etc. The site is connected with search engines analytics providing all the data necessary. The plugin is available in 17 languages being multilingual and also provides XML and HTML sitemaps. It will give the content analysis by providing unlimited keywords and judge the quality by ‘good’ and ‘should be improved’ tags. It gives indicators with yellow and green colours stating good and red and orange dots for improvement. It will let you handle white labels, mobile/desktop preview, Facebook/Twitter preview, Redirections, titles with dynamic labels.

Breadcrumbs NavXT

This popular plugin is automatically customised to accommodate any situation. It helps you track where you are on the webpage and provides a trail of links. These links will lend you back to the homepage with WordPress widget included. Search engines tend to extract more information from pages, making it important for ranking purposes. Customise the breadcrumbs from the extensive settings page providing several actions and extensive features. The plugin comes with a single goal that is to help you with the SEO of website. It will generate local breadcrumb trails for WordPress blogs or web pages that are highly customizable. Admin interface makes admin functions easy and direct access is available for theme developers and adventurous users.


Optin monster is a complete robust marketing tool by providing good traffic and analysis. It will keep a track and record of all the click views and overall conversion rates. Its motive is to gain more email subscribers, increase sales conversions and reduce cart abandonment. It will also help you with the creatives for offers, lightbox popups, floating bars, sidebar side-ins, after post forms, sidebar forms and welcome gates, etc. It will be one of the best plugins for SEO because it shows you targeted messages at the right time. OpinMonster will make you smart with the on-page level targeting to target individual pages. For emails, there are email subscriptions for hyper targeted email lists and growth of customer leads.

Final Thoughts
We have mentioned some of the best WordPress SEO plugin for designing a modern website. It can drive higher traffic improving the performance analysis of the website. A right SEO plugin will help you with XML and sitemap creation tackling other efforts. For driving organic traffic for any website type ensure the right keywords for the result page. The plugins mentioned are rated based on user experience with tried and tested opinions. With the right strategy you can reach the sky and attract exponentially increasing traffic. Because of its demand and ongoing process, it will help you build a long-term brand and profile.


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