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Coding vs Programming: Is There a Difference

Since we have entered the digital era, you might have heard about two common terms – Coding and programming. Our website development blog talks about differences in these terms and how they work collaboratively. Every word has a different meaning according to a situation. It is true in software development companies too. Many words have different meanings in a software company. For example the word, ‘tools’ doesn’t mean gardening tools or mechanical tools. It can be intangible tools required for designing or web tools. There is a difference in gardening tools and tools for software or applications. Similarly, there is a difference in coding and programming that is important to perceive correctly. These are the words that are commonly used in a software developing industry. Both of them are interlinked with each other, which play an important role.


Coding is different from programming; it translates functions to programming languages. Their language is different from ours, that is one and zero commonly called binary language. Their job is to convert languages to others without changing the instructions. Coding is converted into machine language from normal human language. It tells the computer what action to perform and how to behave. There are lots of programming languages on the market therefore, a coder should be good at memorising things. Coding is the initial step in the development, so it can be a subset of programming. A coder has to write codes in different programming languages like Java, C, Python as per requirentemt.


Programming has a bigger picture than coding. Software development is implemented with no errors through programming. Problems are analysed in a code and solutions are provided by the programmer. Planning, designing, testing, deployment and maintenance are some creation steps. Programming also works with analysis and implementing algorithms, understanding data structure and mitigating issues. Coding is an important part of programming but a programmer has more skills, knowledge and experience.

After understanding these specific terms, we’ll guide you towards the difference between the two.

Difference between Coding and Programming

● Coding is a process required for programming and programming is a full-fledged software.
● Text editors like WordPad or Notepad are translated to machines readable from by coders and code generators, databases, testing tools, or modelling algorithms are used by programmers.
● Analytical skills, problem solving skills, and ability to write complicated programs should be well known to a programmer and a coder should know C, Java, C++ programming, etc.
● Output generated in coding is functional code, output is in the form of application, software or website in programming.
● Coders have a low level of skills as compared to programmers who are highly trained individuals that use logic.
● In coding, we translate logic into machine’s code while in programming debugging, compilation, and all the analysis and conceptualization process is done by programming.
● The primary thing that coders do is translating information from humans to computers in their language and programmers writes codes so that the human inputs and machine inputs remain similar
● Coding is the initial step for complex queries, it is simpler and easy than programming. Advanced level coding and other different approaches are done by programmers.
● There are no prerequisites required to start a code while proper time management and planning is needed in the program.


From the above comparisons, you will have an idea of what is the role of every professional. Even if they sound synonymous, they both have a lot of differences. Confusion in between these is vital unless you read and completely understand these terms. Coding and programming both are important for developing efficient and potential software. Both should be given equal priority because they are interlinked to each other. Computer science is a broad and rapidly evolving field and is never going to stop. In this field, there is a lot that you will find to read, understand, explore and enjoy!


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