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Discover Some Incredible Ways To Use Pinterest For Promoting Business

Are you currently using Pinterest for your business’s growth?

If not, you are missing out on much!

Many brands to date have been focusing on Instagram and Facebook for their marketing needs, and because of this, they have lost thousands of viewers already, but you don’t have to.

Pinterest is a way more robust social media network. With just a pin, you can introduce your business and blog to a whole new audience. Some of the significant benefits of using Pinterest are:

  • New leads
  • Increased sales
  • Increased awareness
  • Additional traffic

Moreover, you will be surprised to find that:

  • Pinterest is popular among multiple generations, from young to older audience
  • Pins on Pinterest gets more viral and are 3x effective at generating leads
  • Pinterest is among the largest website traffic drivers across the globe
  • In the fourth quarter of 2021, Pinterest recorded 431 million active users.

But, some of the common misconceptions about Pinterest are:

  • Users can only pin wedding and food content (travel, clothing is a big hit now)
  • Pinterest has more women users (still, they are high in numbers)
  • My target audience doesn’t use Pinterest (but they use search engines, don’t they?)

So, now as you are aware of the true potential of Pinterest, here’s a quick guide to how to use Pinterest for business effectively:

Optimise Your Profile

Setting up a business profile on Pinterest is a no-brainer. You simply have to click on the Create a free business account button available on the top-right corner of your personal Pinterest account.

Now, just after you have created your business account, make sure to add a distinct logo of your business. While adding a photo, check the Pinterest size guidelines and optimize it accordingly.

You can even add a cover picture relating to your business. Write a crisp description of your work area and what your followers can expect from your pin. Make sure to include your website’s URL, and highlight a few of your best boards.

Here, the Featured Boards section refers to pictures that help people understand what your business has to offer.

Set a Clear Goal

At this step, you have to be clear about what type of growth you are expecting from your Pinterest account. Do you wish to increase your brand awareness? Do you want to work on better brand visibility? Or are you simply wanting to maximize your brand’s product sales?

When you have answers to these questions, it will get easier for you to take a more intentional approach. You can also plan your budget and time commitment accordingly.

Like every other social media channel, Pinterest has its own value proposition. It offers businesses good organic reach, and follower count entirely depends on how engaging and relevant your contents are.

Develop a Strategy

If you are thinking of using Pinterest for your business, never simply drop a link and post images. Strategize your content beforehand, know what type of content you would be posting. You can even think about what kind of content will benefit your purpose? Or what type of content your users will engage with the most?

Some of the popular Pinterest content ideas for businesses are:

  • Eye-catching imagery
  • Instructional content
  • Inspirational content
  • Informational content
  • Infographics or factoids

Users often walk through Pinterest to gain more knowledge about different things. Hence, you can share visual content or tips that would help users learn newly uncovered areas of your brand/niche.

Follow Creative Practices

Pinterest is all about creativity; the more creative your posts are, the higher the audience will pin them. And the strange thing here is, creating eye-catching imagery is very challenging for a creator. You can follow these tricks for making your next visually compelling pin:

  • Include your brand logo
  • Always maintain a 2:3 aspect ratio
  • Choose crisp and relevant words for your copy
  • Choose images that now just show context but even tells a better story

Stay Consistent

Like every other social media network, staying consistent with posting is important here as well. For example, seasonal and occasional related contents are popular on Pinterest. So, if any new season comes up like Halloween, make sure to post consistently for that specific month.

Even Pinterest’s own seasonal research shows that pinners often explore Pinterest more before any specific events to get ideas. Hence, to gain traction, stay consistent and plan your content ahead to enhance productivity.

Creating pins beforehand will help you get a visual preview of what your board will look like in the future.

Add Pinterest Save Button to Your Blog

Whatever your Pinterest business goals are, you must know how to encourage people to pin your content to their board. Hence, always make sure to add save buttons to your site so that users can save your content in just a click.

Track Monthly Performance

Once you get the hang of your Pinterest business account, next comes tracking the overall performance. Are people liking your content? Are they repinning it? How many followers did you get? If a specific follower has been interacting more with your account, what kind of posts are they liking the most?

Answers to all these questions will help you tailor content for your future pins.

Own a Website? Pin Like a Boss!

Using Pinterest for business is extremely easy, given that you stay consistent with your efforts. It would take a few months for you to figure out the best strategy, but once done, your website will surely reach out to a broader audience.

This quick guide will help you to step into the world of Pinterest, and if you are still hesitant to start, let professional social media marketers do the work for you. And, stay tuned to Viworld digital to explore more such social media marketing tips and tweaks!


How To Use Pinterest For Business Promotion?

To promote your business on Pinterest; you simply have to optimize your profile, build a strategy, plan your pins, and track your progress.


Why Should I Use Pinterest For My Business?

Pinterest business account gives users an option of a paid advertising service, through Pinterest Ads, hence reaching millions of audiences across the globe gets easier.


Can I Use a Pinterest Business Account For Free?

Pinterest business, as well as personal accounts, are available for free. You simply have to create your account to reach out to a wider audience.


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