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Everything You Need to Know about Web Fonts

Websites should look neat and attractive for a good look. By creating a good web page, an impression can be formed by viewers. These can be easily shown and supports any device’s resolution. Fonts have a huge role to make a website appealing. A wisely selected font and size delivers the right message to the viewers that promotes branding. Font should be easy to read, across any browsers. A good size and style should be kept in mind. Content is known to be the best tool for branding and business development. Choosing the right typography can enhance the entire site. In today’s topic we are discussing a few points about Web development articles through fonts.

Some Importance of Web Fonts

Communicates Brand Personality

A font should be able to describe two things. It should be easy to understand across any platform. And it should be able to say what your brand is. Think about how you want your brand to be perceived. Do this before choosing the font and then try to fit in that personality by selecting a good font.

Delivers the Message

A brand sends a message and makes a sense of communicating with the viewers. A font for website design might help brace the message. Navigation to the website is easier. Proper usage of different fonts and images can guide visitors. It is also good to deliver the message that you are willing to say more significantly.

Things to Keep in Mind

Don’t Use Multiple Fonts

After seeing so many fonts available it is natural to get confused. You might also divert toward choosing many fonts on the go. This means the excessive usage of fonts available that is not suggested. Therefore, it is important to be choosy on your font.

Fonts Should Only Have the Subsets You Need

After knowing what font you are using, it is good to know that your websites only have subsets you need. Using unnecessary symbols and characters can add extra weight to websites that have no benefit.

Use New Formats

Since web development is all about using new methods, fonts should also be new. Use formats that support the browser. Usage of old formats will support the browser that had older versions supported.

Best Fonts to Use for Website

Sans – Serif and Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts are used if you want to highlight a product, they have a large and bold appearance. Serif fonts are good for a text or content that usually have a smaller copy. They are easy to understand and readable.

Display and Script Fonts

Display and script are two most popular fonts for websites. Displays are bold, large and easily eye-catching. These can be used for headlines and advertising.


Arvo comes in the family of serif. It has 4 styles that can be used. Since it’s from a serif family it can be used to add subtitles. Also used in titles if combined with sans-serif.


Yellowtail has a brush type appearance that stands out from other fonts. Flat brush type typography with medium weight is a typical way to describe.


Merriweather is one of the most popular fonts for websites. It looks like a geometric figure and is very easily readable. It has a natural weight and texture that can make your web body look great. Merriweather also has few styles.

How to Choose a Font?

Scannable and Readable

Some fonts are simple and easily understood by the reader. Colour, spacing, are things to be kept on consideration. All uppercase fonts are not recommended as it gives a strain on the reader’s mind and eyes. The best size should be 14 – 16 points.


A max two fonts should be set for the entire web. No need for adding more fonts. If you want to add a third font, it depends why. It can be added if there is a usage of quotes; it can make it look better.

In our context we have given you a perfect idea of how a web font should look like. Topics from how to choose, best font for website, guidelines, and importance have been mentioned. Think of your niche and choose a font accordingly. Do proper research and see what works best for your business. Make sure it throws a good impression and supports your web identity and vision.

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