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Everything You Need to Know About Website Carousels

What is a website carousel?

Carousels displays content in a slideshow that appears randomly when a user navigates on website. Carousels can be used for many different purposes that have variety or a collection. It appears automatically when the user navigates and is in the form of display images, products or promotion homepages. When presented in a clear context, it works great and should be presented with a clear context. A carousel should be used to prioritise content to make it sufficiently relevant, tempting users to click through. This website development blog will glance at all the details on a carousel you need to know.

Website carousel examples:

Homepage carousels

Carousels are popular on e-commerce sites featuring content modules to convey one strong message. Usually, it’s supposed to be at the top but many people don’t prefer placing right above the font. People believe that this place should be reserved for a message that entices readers to scroll and learn more.

Gallery carousel

This displays images in a carousel with titles and descriptions on top and are sometimes referred as slider galleries. The minimalistic yet appealing carousel idea is a good example of professionally integrated site design. This is a gallery filled with multiple images and videos and for better engagement it features aut oplay. It introduces recent projects delivered in a catchy and aesthetic way being professionally designed. This is something that is actually trending and most people use it for their surplus. Images can be of same sizing, so crop them to ensure the moving content theme appears visually correct. Your images can be wide or wider than the column placed on any screen width.

Hero image carousel

If you have images and videos working perfectly together but with indifferent sizes, this is perfectly fine. A hero image name is given because of the oversized web banner image. Basically, a sideshow presented on the carousel web for portfolios- makeup artists, graphic designers, etc. It drives people’s attention to simplicity featuring high-quality images, laconic descriptions and clear headings. It features structured simplicity with user-friendly side buttons about add – ons, micro-animations, CTA and headings. It is commonly placed at the prime position and the first thing that people see. The main intention of hero sliders is to bring visitors to your site which is given importance.

Multiple Horizontal Carousel

A horizontal carousel gives a better way of navigating through sites content easily and fastly. It allows display of more than one information on a page benefitting engagement rates, high – quality leads and conversions. This is commonly seen in Netflix, Hotstar and other such platforms where the entire look appears enhancive. A horizontal carousel divides into materials and zones at a touch of button meeting picking requirements. A modular design and rotating service is used for improving batch picking. It enables revenue gains with custom solutions boosting overall productivity maximising efficiency.  – Example

Product Carousel

It is a slideshow of products displaying details and images for websites giving visitors a scrolling option. The browsing on online stores becomes easier featuring related products and multiple products. These are likely to visually adore people into learning more and purchasing it. These are placed on the two spots of e-commerce either on the homepage or product page. Show the categories of products or different products in different ways including its features.

Do’s and Don’ts for website carousel

Do’s –
– When you need to make a comparison of different items and characteristics
– Emphasis key elements and items
– Use it to save space on your page
– It can save time and clicks
– Allow people to control rotation with arrows
– Keep enough time in between slides minimum 5-10 seconds
– Make all the sides simple so information can be digested easily

Don’t –

Rotation: The attention span is limited these days making it harder for users’ interest longer than a few seconds. Keep the slider amount low so that people don’t have to sit and wait for the next slide.

SEO: Avoid using too much of H1 headers if sliders are the first thing on the page. If you use too much H1’s google will be confused about which keyword is the important one. This will impact the website structure and those factors can negatively affect the ranking.

Content: When a carousel does too much in little time it may cause a strain on visitors’ eyes. This will harm the readability of text, missed information and loss of interest.

Mobile: Go for manual sliders in mobile devices that support gestures and arrows that are clearly shown. Check if it’s readable on mobile devices if slides contain texts compatible on all screen angles.

Design: Your carousel can be mistaken as an ad if it’s poorly designed and won’t blend in website design. This causes people to scroll past the content causing banner blindness where visitors ignore content.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantage –
– It appears at the top of the page having a greater chance of people noticing it
– It will utilise space by showing more than one piece of content

Disadvantage –
– Chances of delivering incorrect information about business if incorporated with incorrect image
– People can overlook carousels because of the scrolling habit of people skipping all the important information

Think over!
Carousel web design is a popular element in modern web design hence, everyone likes to use it. Visual usage is the most effective trick to reduce bounce rate and increase engagement. A dull carousel can have a negative effect on site impacting speed and overall analytics score. Nothing works better for organising a bulk of media in a carousel slider. Make a short and simple with highest quality content for driving more interest. If you use carousels in the right way, in a perfect scenario it can be advantageous for the site. You can turn your carousel into an asset if you optimise carousel’s images, underlying technology and structure.


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