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How can Instagram help promote my business

Everyone uses social media and it can be also used for businesses. It can do more than just checking updates from your friends. Audience connection, engagement and sales are done by influencers and small business owners. For enabling a business feature you need to create a business account. Advertisement can be done with and can be used as a platform to perform sales function. Small business owners or marketers who wish to grow their business can make the best use of this platform. Almost everyone uses Instagram to increase their chance of networking. If you are looking to create a website then you can check our website development blog.

Instagram for business

You need to create a business profile for all your business requirements. Go to settings tab and select ‘switch to business profile’. By creating a business account, your followers can get in touch with you. It is as easy as clicking on the contact option and you open all the communication bridges. With a business profile you can use Instagram ads with the setup of meta advertising tools. An analytical tool called insights can help you track your activities. There are many free tools that come with Instagram business that make your journey easier.

Free Instagram marketing tools

With insights, you can use statistics and impressions and also engagement data. You can understand how your efforts are paying off. A clear idea can be understood about what’s important and what’s not. Instagram insights is a built in Instagram analytics app that is free to use. You can get information about your followers including their gender, age, location and active hours. Insights of a specific post can be seen and understood.

Post product teasers

Instagram is a good place to advertise your business if you play the right game. Many people are annoyed by seeing ads but it depends on how you play your cards. A product teaser talks about your product by increasing excitement. Too pushy ads can make you look clumsy and teasers work other ways. Teasers can be made with discounts and attractive offers with images for developing sales.

Prioritize engagement

A genuine engagement is the best way to promote business. Consumers like to be heard and understood, you need to respond to their queries and comments for a better exposure. You can also have a practice of liking their posts, commenting and following them back. Such methods develop engagements and strengthen your relationship. Trust is built among the audience and the relationship is strengthened.

Follow and engage with Instagram followers

An influencer collaboration can give a drastic exposure to your account. Apart from liking their posts, mention them in your feed or story. Tagging a customer who made a purchase will not only strengthen a relationship but also encourage others. You can comment on their posts for that adds value in that conversation. Before doing this, completely understand the influencers content, brand and audience. Regular interaction with clients helps you be up-to-date with latest trends.

Ask questions in your posts

This is the best way to know your audience, their choices and preferences. Using captions or polls for questions according to your niche might boost Instagram growth. Questions can be asked to a targeted audience, use questions that can be fun to answer. Make sure to keep your brand and goal on the focus. When you actively react to the consumer’s answer’s they feel valued for their opinions.


To promote on Instagram hashtag usage is must. Hashtags help you develop an audience and overall growth. Relevant usage of hashtags on posts and stories can make your Instagram stand out. You can use popular hashtags and hashtags that are relevant according to the post. Hashtags give a more human side to your business and express your unique brand voice. Up to 30 hashtags can be used for a single post. Stick to ones that promote the right audience. Large number of hashtags can make you look desperate. Add three to four of them and put rest in the comment section if you want to.

Create Sponsored Ads

Instagram ads have become a common method for creating brand awareness and other purposes. You can have control on how much you spend on an ad by setting a budget. Access to organic insights to the post can be granted with Sponsored Ads. An existing post can be turned into a sponsored post too. Push the posts that were high performing to the high potential customers. Multiple posts to different audiences can drag even more engagement.

Dominance over the social media world is seen by Instagram. 2 billion people use Instagram for sharing photos and videos. Use some of our suggested techniques at a time frame. Set some goals and see tangible benefits. The catch is to be patient and consistent with time and effort and you’ll definitely get results.


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