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How Effective is Your Website’s Design

The purpose of an effective website design is to increase brand awareness and increase your selling ratio. An effective web design should fulfil its planned motive of conveying the intended message to the visitor while communicating with them as well. A website is the first and foremost thing a prospect sees regarding your business; you should put special attention to it. Several factors play their hands in terms of consistency, visuals, typography, and functionality to contribute to a good website design. All these help to contribute to how your website is perceived by your visitor.

An effective website design helps you build trust and influence visitors to interact with your website. However, creating a good customer experience involves a lot of optimization regarding its usability and overall functionality. The last thing you would want is for a poorly designed website to dissuade site visitors from becoming customers. Designing a website that is properly built and optimized to deliver proper functionality is no easy task! So in today’s web design and development blog, we are going to talk about how can you make your website design effective enough to attract customers and achieve your goal.

Make Sure Your Website Has a Purpose

Your website should accommodate the needs of your target audience. A clear vision and intentions for your website will serve you right. It will ensure your visitor has easy interaction with what you have to offer. A website also serves many core purposes such as building your business reputation and defining and identifying your expertise. Last but not the least; it helps immensely to generate organic leads.

Serves Through Simplicity

Simplicity is the best to consider while developing your website in terms of usability and functionality of your website. Pay special attention to your website colour schemes, typography, and the images that you put on the website. These all play a major role in commanding attention and work as a visual interpretation of your brand itself. It also has the power to communicate messages and evoke emotional responses in a subtle way.

Navigational Aspect

Easy navigation should be a must on your website. Navigation on the website refers to the interaction of your visitor with the website in an easy manner. It should be intuitive and consistent in every aspect. It is a major key in retaining visitors. Remember this, if your website content is hard to navigate, it is most likely that your visitor might exit your website and find someone else for what they need.

Visual Hierarchy

Refers to the arrangement of elements on the website in such a manner that it looks appealing to the visitors. This is done by implementing the elements in terms of size, colour, imagery, contrast, typography, whitespace, texture, and style to make your website look more attractive. One of the main objectives of visual hierarchy is to create a focal point of information that your visitor find more important than the rest


An effective web design is basically made of both visually appealing and great content. For example, using catchy and compelling text or content can help you attract visitors to your website and influence them to be your buying prospect.

Grid-based Layout

A grid-based layout is optional yet implementing it on your website will serve you with great benefits. It gives a structure to your website. Also, the grid helps to align elements on the page and keep it clean. The grid-based layout puts your content grid structure with columns, and sections that line up and feel balanced. The results are aesthetically pleasing to anyone who is visiting your website.

Optimize It for Faster Load Time

Nearly everyone expects your website to load within a few seconds. If it took more than that given period of time, your visitors are most likely to leave your site and never visit your site again. You can do a few things such as Optimising image sizes that can help load your site faster.

Mobile Friendly UI

Almost 60% of your site visitors are using a mobile phone to access your website. It is considered an important task to build your website with a responsive layout where it can adjust itself to different screen ratios.

Effective web development takes time and patience. Remember, the less time someone spends on your page and the less appealing your page is to them, the less likely they are to convert. The underlying purpose of your website should be evident at all times. Be clear, upfront, and honest about what your website is all about.


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