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How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

With the current rapidly growing technology, every company has a website, which is not surprising. Any person who has a desire for a service goes on the internet first. If you want to have a successful business, you have to create a modern-looking design. A website’s perfect design and accurate performance matters a lot to a business. Hence, you should constantly evaluate the website and design. You can also redesign existing website considering the latest trends to make your site more enhancive. We have covered various aspect related to development in our website development topics.

On average, businesses should redesign their sites every two or three years. Factors like online goals should be considered. Some of them are as follows:

The Site Looks Aged

We all know that first impressions last, good designing will have a better impact. The internet users usually have a shorter attention span so the user experience should be good. By that, they will have a chance of coming back to your website. Make sure you don’t make them feel like browsing on an old-school website. You don’t need to keep a website just because you paid too much or if you selected the design the year you established your business. Fads change and trends change so give an appealing look to your website.

Website Has Broken Links

If a user gets constant 404 errors, it will be a big turn-off for them. Ensure that every page has efficient functioning or design that 404 page in a way that people don’t get annoyed. Know about what page is working or not so that you can use the backlinking tools. These tools will help you check the broken links and 404’s on your website. Create a website redesign strategy to generate business because you know what to look out for.

It Doesn’t Function Well on Mobile

Usage of desktop or laptop is not as popular as it was a couple of years ago. Smartphones are used in 80% larger proportions than any other devices. Hence, mobile marketing is increasing rapidly because of instant response available. They want the information to be available at a few clicks and they become impatient when they don’t get it. Optimise your web design and content in a way that it makes easy for the user to browse.

Confusing Navigation

A confusing navigation process might be very frustrating for the users. A website should be able to lead the visitors into the key page. Have a clear and organized navigation interface that helps customers. This will get them what they are looking for without hassles and in an easy way. Make a responsive website design so that there is no much difference in the look and feel. Make it too flexible that customers have no issue browsing from mobile or computers.

Your Business Goals Have Changes

There might be strong chances of a change in your business goals over years. It’s always right to redesign your website according to your goals, missions and vision. Make your website potential enough for being in the game and compete with the industry. A business is always a constant process of improvement and change. Design a website in such a way that your goals and vision are clearly interpreted. Take your website as a marketing tool rather than a simple website and then design it.

Flexible Operation

Some web pages take ages to load; hence, they badly need revamping of the design. For creating a stimulating and highly engaging website, you might need a skilled designer. A designer may add animations, content, origins, and stories on your experiences. Avoid using unnecessary things that drive the viewers out of the key message you want to convey.

A custom website redesign every two-three years will help you keep in track of business trends. Adding the latest features to the brand will bring the look and feel of the website. Obviously redesigning a web page is not rocket science, so an agency can be a saviour. Google keeps updating according to the algorithm.  Hence, you should always be in coordination with SEO and website redesign. If you need any type of WordPress website redesign then you can contact us. Hence, you’ll always find yourself making minor improvements.


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