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How to Change the Background Colour of an Instagram Story

In 2021, your Instagram is your brand. Whether or not you take social media seriously, other people try and figure you out using clues from what you post. As influencer marketing takes centre stage, everyone needs to up their IG game.

Your stories are the easiest way to increase engagement with your followers. These are most efficient because you don’t have to worry about likes, but you still get meaningful insights about your user’s interaction with your post.

Do you want to modify the background colour of your Instagram Stories? Wondering how you can get a little creative with these stories? If yes, then keep reading!

Here are a bunch of options you can try out to create mind-blowing stories that look like they’ve been professionally put together.

  • Select a picture to post

Select an interesting photo to post. You can either find something on Instagram or pick something from the photo album on your phone. To do this, click on the plus sign on the top left corner of your feed. You can access your phone’s photos from the bottom left corner of the story section.

If you are choosing an Instagram image, find the paper plane icon under the picture. You will then be asked if you want to send it to someone or post it on your story. Do the obvious, and it’ll create a story for you.

  • Use interactive features

Instagram has many interactive features, such as polls, questions, and music. If you want, you can be creative and use these features by themselves, without any images. Or you can add them to your pictures/videos.

Now that you have decided what to post, let us get a little creative.

How to change the background colour of an Instagram story? 

  • Pick a background colour

Once you’ve adjusted the image according to your liking after resizing and repositioning, you can move on to the background. This is where you can indulge in a bit of creative exploration.

  • Use Preselected colours

Instagram offers a range of different shades for you to pick on the go. Just click on the brush icon for highlighting, choose a colour and tap on your screen for a few seconds. You will have a background colour of your choice.

  • Use a colour from the image

You can use the dropper tool to pick a colour from the image itself. This makes your story look more put together than using Instagram’s preselected colours.

Let’s get a little more imaginative?

  • Add colour on top of the image

You can also add colour on top of the image and erase the colour to reveal your image. For some extra zing, you can use the highlighter tool to add colour on top so that the image is still somewhat visible underneath.

  • Add animated backgrounds

You can download apps from the play store/app store and create animated backgrounds with moving texts and effects. Inshot, Mojo, Hype-type are some of the apps that will help you bring life to your stories.

Play around with these techniques to see which one suits your style and your profile’s aesthetic. Brand yourself well; it counts!

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