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How to Display Instagram on Business Cards

How to Display Instagram on Business Cards

A picture speaks a thousand words. An entire Instagram feed? It could be a game-changer.

Social media marketing through platforms like Instagram is one of the most effective ways to show your products and build your brand. Adding your Instagram account to your business card can help you showcase your entire brand to your prospective consumers.

Why do you need to display Instagram on business cards?

  1. Increases engagement: Your business card is most likely to be forgotten after a week or so. However, if someone follows your Instagram account, your posts and stories will constantly show up on their feed, and your company is less likely to be forgotten.
  2. Builds trust: Your social media account features authentic images and descriptions of your products. People are more likely to trust your products once they see them. Moreover, every like or positive comment you receive increases the trustworthiness of your company.
  3. Can be used as a catalogue: You can build an elaborate profile of your products and attach it to your business card in just one line! You can represent your products in their best form using stories, posts, reels and more.

If one line on your business card can make such a huge impact, you must definitely put a lot of thought into it.

How to display Instagram on business cards effectively?

  1. Keep it simple

If you don’t want to go overboard with your design, try and create a business card with minimal elements. Opt for a two-tone business card. On one side, write the brand name, tagline, and website, and on the other side, include your social media links and contact information. Use the standard Instagram logo and write your username beside it.

  1. Make use of QR codes

You can either add a QR code on the side of your business card. Or a fun way is to make use of the entire space and link it to your Instagram profile. This works if you are active on just one social media platform. Write about your brand on the front side and just add a QR code which is almost the size of the card on the back. People are more likely to simply scan a QR code rather than read and type your username in their search bars.

  1. Add the URL of your Instagram profile

If you have an e-card, this is perfect for you. The URL is a link that leads to your account when clicked. When you share your business card with somebody online, they can directly click on that link and browse your profile. Avoid using URLs if it is not an e-card. URLs are usually long and will take up a lot of space. And printing the same URL is a little difficult, a small mistake, and no one will be able to access your profile.

The key is to keep it minimal while also ensuring ease of use. Customize the colours, fonts, and designs to match your brand’s aesthetic and give your card a creative yet simple look. Do not go so overboard with the design that these elements end up being hard to read.

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