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How to Evaluate the Quality of Web Design

We see people talking about web design constantly, but what does it actually mean? It’s hard to recognise the quality of your website, without a clear metric of measuring quality. There are many factors other than it being simply good looking and being able to function. A successful web can be built with a proper strategy in mind keeping it focused on usability. Incorporated with the style that pleases the users eye, filled with content relevant to users, and optimised for search engines. Blog on website development will mention some key aspects of a strong website design.


Strategy is important before implementing any new updates and a good website design is backed by strategy. The most attractive website can be unsuccessful if it is not achieving what the company needs. So ask your website if visitors know who you are and what do you offer? Is there a clear strategy informing your website? If the answer is no, the website is not as good as it seems so go through the checklist of questions.

• What is My Business Category, and is That Obvious in My Website?
• What Purpose Does My Website Have and is the Design Accomplishing It?
• How Does the Design Take the Target Audience Into Consideration?
• Is the Design Encouraging the Action That My Audience Needs to Do?


Usability is all about practical considerations that go into a good website design. It includes user-friendliness, security, technical details like sitemaps, etc and a lot of details are not visually apparent. If a visitor doesn’t find what he is looking for there are higher chances of his leaving. If a page takes, a longer loading time it will come into search engines and visitors notice. You can take the help of these questions to check website design evaluation. 

• How Much Does My Website Take Time to Load?
• Is It Easy to Find the Information?
• Is a Search Button Available for Visitors?
• Do All the Links Work Efficiently?
• Does It Work Well in Different Browsers?
• Does It Work on Mobile Devices?


This category comes in the mind of lots of people when determining evaluation criteria. The aesthetics are important but note that there is much more that meets the eye. More credibility is shown to a user by visuals, which involve colour selection to represent a brand. There shouldn’t be more than four colours dominating the website and they should coordinate with each other. Website design showcases a brand’s personality by every colour and word chosen. Once the personality has been decided, keep it consistent with headings, word choice, and colours. No matter what resolution the viewers have, take fonts that are easy to use and read.

Content and Readability

This is a part, which is affected with the website bounce rate if not properly looked after. It will affect the effectiveness of convincing a visitor to buy your product or contact the company. There should be regular updates of content to reflect most recent information. You can simply keep the copyright date in the footer or website in the current year. Make sure a web design is succinct but still informative while evaluating. The style of copywriting should reflect websites’ purpose to speak to the intended target audience.

Optimised SEO

Your efforts will be in vain if no SEO measures are taken for readers to find you. The design of a website impacts SEO a lot because of the relevancy it provides. Images and Graphics need ALT tags along with descriptions to make the website visible to search engines. Use relevant keywords for meta descriptions, title tags, and headlines also, make a sitemap as well. These measures will make websites optimised for SEO and will be easily found on search engines.

Security Measures

This is another important aspect to evaluate website quality that needs to be considered the most. Most websites intend to sell products or services online; they have to ensure security features.

• Keep Details of Clients Private and Safe
• Make Online Transactions Safe and Easy for E-commerce Setup
• Ensure Safety From Virus Threats Having Proper Scanning Software at Place.
• Take Appropriate Permissions for Collecting User Data With Cookies

High quality web design is crucial to ensure that users have a positive experience on the site. Consider and analyse factors such as aesthetics, content, user-experience, SEO, security and maintenance. The importance of web metrics has dramatically risen because of fast growth and technology. The metrics are directly relatable to the purpose of good website design. Evaluating web sites have numerous approaches and models defining the quality of websites. However, this study provides frameworks of literature to guide opinions for website evaluations in appropriate measures.


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