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How to get leads from LinkedIn?

We live in a time where digital marketing has become one of the major ways of networking and to grow a business. Social media has now become one of the best ways of lead generation. Among all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is said to be one of the best platforms for lead generation. So, let’s find out how to get leads from LinkedIn in this digital marketing blog. 


How Does Lead Generation On LinkedIn Help? 

For any business, generating leads is one of the most important ways to make sure that the business keeps walking on the path of growth and expansion. Talking about B2B lead generation, let’s find out how lead generation on LinkedIn will help your business in this digital marketing blog. 

According to surveys and studies, it is found that LinkedIn has been one of the most popular and effective social media platforms for B2B lead generation. This platform helps businesses of all sizes to generate leads and also helps connect with potential clients and customers. 

LinkedIn is said to have about more than 875 million users. Among these registered users, there are about more than 58 million companies that have their LinkedIn presence and about 13.5 million people look for jobs every week. 

What makes LinkedIn stand out from other social media platforms in terms of lead generation is the professional data availability, business related content, and news feed products. People come to LinkedIn for business related searches which makes the platform ideal for B2B lead generation. 

Moving ahead in this digital marketing blog, let’s find out the ways in which you can generate leads from LinkedIn.


Build A Strong Presence 

Just having an account on LinkedIn for business is not enough as how your profile looks plays an important role in lead generation. You need to build your profile in such a manner that it acts as a pitch to your potential clients or customers. It is important to remember that your profile is built keeping your target audience in mind. 

When we talk about building a strong profile it is not limited to your company’s profile, it is also important that your executives have a strong presence as well. Your company executives have a tendency to attract more audiences in a short period of time. So, building a strong profile is important for both your company and company executives. 

Now, to build a strong profile you need to optimize your page in an appropriate manner by keeping the following things in mind:

  • Use a relevant profile image and banner.
  • Your ‘About Us’ should be compelling enough with the use of relevant keywords. 
  • Establish a product page.
  • Post regularly.
  • Ensure your profile is SEO friendly.
  • Keep up with the LinkedIn algorithm.


Publish Valuable Content 

Simply building an attractive profile is not enough, the content you publish on your page is one of the deciding factors in targeting your potential customers or clients. In order to generate more leads and grow your audience, it is important that your account is consistently active. 

You don’t have to post or publish content on a daily basis but it is important that you post on a weekly basis. Studies have found that company pages that publish content on a weekly basis have seen 2X increase in audience engagement. However, it is also important that the content that you publish is valuable and insightful for your audience. 

By posting relevant content, this social media platform can help you reach out to a much larger audience than you aim to. When you publish valuable industry related content, there are chances of professionals liking and commenting on your post. Hence, increasing the possibility of reaching new leads and also contributing towards your content credibility. 

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Run LinkedIn Ads

Ads on LinkedIn or you may say sponsored content on this platform works a little differently than it works on other social media platforms. Sponsored content on LinkedIn is more detailed and is specifically targeted to relevant audiences. In this manner, you can reach out to your desired target audience rather than the audience that may or may not be interested. 

LinkedIn helps you capture your audiences’ attention in their feed, drive leads, build brand awareness, and also helps monitor the impact of your sponsored content. You can run content ads in different formats like video ads, event ads, image ads, document ads, and carousel ads. 

You can either choose to create a campaign of sponsored content or you can also use the direct sponsored content to reach your target audience without posting on your LinkedIn profile. You can now use Lead Gen forms as well which help to reach out to customers seamlessly and help generate leads. 


Join Relevant Groups 

Joining relevant industry groups is one of the best ways to connect with professionals that enables you to share ideas with them. You can not only converse with industry professionals but can also find opportunities to collaborate with them on some projects. 

You can also create your own group but it takes time and effort to build and maintain such groups. So, joining existing groups is a much easier and faster way of connecting with people. You can post content related to your business in the group and commence relevant discussions. 

However, it is essential to ensure that you choose your groups wisely such that you get to connect with influential people. By doing so you get to learn from experienced professionals and find ways to reach out to more people hence help in lead generation. 


Do Not Neglect Follow Up 

You must be well aware that lead generation takes time. You have to reach out to a number of people and then a few of them turn into customers or clients. Although reaching out and initiating contact with as many people as you can is important it is also important to maintain contact with these people. 

It often happens that you reach out to a number of potential leads but neglect on the follow up part. And when you do so it eventually brings you back to square one and you have to restart with the process. So, rather than losing a potential customer or client it is a wise decision to spend some time in follow up. 


Establish Connections With Potential Customers 

Apart from the above mentioned ways, the most basic and one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers or clients is to connect with them. All you have to do is simply make a list of people who you think can be your potential customers or clients and send them a connection request. 

Although this may seem a very generic idea, it has full potential of working. As you connect with your potential customers you can engage them with your content and increase the chances of them turning into paying customers or clients. So, all you need to do is establish connections and build a relationship. 


Winding Up

In order to keep the flow of incoming customers and clients consistent, lead generation is one of the most important factors. As LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms to generate leads, knowing how to make the best use of it is essential to boost your business. We hope that this digital marketing blog helped you answer your queries. 

For more such digital marketing blogs stay tuned with us and feel free to contact us if you need help with any specific topics. 


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