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How to Grow Your Email List With Instagram

Instagram and mails both have their own significance and both can be used together for the utmost benefits. The question that will come next in your mind is how to grow the email list with Instagram. This is a technique that comes under Instagram marketing and email marketing being a natural evolution. Viewers communicate with brands directly and the platform is constantly growing. There are 25 million business profiles that Instagram has reached with a very good potential. Customers want to receive brand content via email and it’s one of the effective strategies. In today’s blog we are discussing how to increase email list subscribers.



Let Audience Know Benefits of Being on the List

Who doesn’t like benefits and offers, and imagine the impact of getting to know about the offers on the mails. This will help people know about the advantages directly on their mails so that they cannot miss out. You can convince your Instagram followers to join the mailing list by investing some time and effort. Speaking of benefits, these are something that you can consider offering – Giveaways for subscribers, Free shipping and returns, Premium access to content and Brand information, Exclusive discounts and offers. These are some strong reasons and efficient ideas relating to why people will join your mailing list. You can also provide early email access to subscribers with product launches and sales. Freebies can be distributed to email subscribers and inform them about the prices. If the individual likes the freebie product, he’ll have more chances of purchasing it in the future.



Newsletter Promotion

Instagram posts have a character limit so it might become difficult for companies to put all the details. When followers click on the link you provided, they can automatically sign up for the newsletter. Newsletters will encourage people to take action like taking part in giveaways, buying something from an online store, checking out a new case study, reading the latest blog post or signing up for an upcoming event. Followers already know that when they will follow, they will get information about their most favourite brand. When they subscribe to a newsletter, it’s likely that they gain interest in news, updates and offers. A newsletter should give a feel of updating a friend rather than being a hard salesperson.



Start Including Clickable Story Links

You might have definitely seen these links while browsing on Instagram stories from brands. Since a typical story lasts for 24 hrs, create a sense of urgency that encourages people to make decisions. Millions of people watch Instagram stories daily and the most viewed analyses come from brands. Clickable story links don’t follow any geographical restrictions and the feature gains popularity and usage. There are many features that will help grow Instagram mailing lists easily. You can create a story for your mailing list and include links for the audience to share mail ids. Although the technique won’t work if you don’t have minimum 10k+ followers on Instagram. Even if you don’t have much followers, you can team up with influencers for the same. Although try avoiding the urge of putting links on every story that drains out the value.



Story Highlights

Some stories are specific enough to be on your page for more than 24hrs hence, highlights were invented. You can keep testimonials, brand stories, festive occasions celebrations, team members, or behind the scenes view. You can also keep an automated replay of a webinar that can be used to grow a mailing list. For being more organised, you can make an entire highlight to grow your email list. Pre-planned story images can be created with Canva using custom templates for highlighted stories.



Add Email Buttons in Your Business Page

People add links in their pages of many types like landing page links, website links, etc. It is a direct way for collection of mails and for signing up the list in the bio. When you give the viewers contact options to be in touch with your brand, more customers will contact you. If emails are something that works best for your business, you can add email links in the page specifically. You are in control of how your customers can interact with you and what you need to show.



Instagram Ads

Ads are almost for everything today, for increasing sales, for brand awareness, for increasing engagement and of course for increasing the mailing list too. Spending a little in ads will not go wrong if you have the right goal. If you come across a piece that gives you many email subscribers, use it in ads. When you get the digital address of the customer you get the power to reach them on different platforms. Retarget subscriber list for increasing followers and engagement. Sales can be done by promoting a product or service using these ads. The instagram algorithm gives you the option to create a custom audience by importing email addresses.



Start Customer Support via Email

Users like to communicate with brands via social media for their queries. Customers can describe their concerns in a detail covering all the points of their queries. After understanding the issues in detail agents can provide step by step detail. If you set up a business profile and add your contact option with email for direct requests. This is a good opportunity to start a conversation with customers without annoying them. This is a two way win because customers will connect with you personally for further assistance. Utmost customer satisfaction can be provided with emails but make sure to answer questions instead of ignoring. You can conduct customer feedback about the product experience or customer support experience too. Try to think of something beyond auto-generated messages by giving generic support.

Summing Up!
Both small and big businesses use Instagram as a social media platform for growth. With the right mailing strategies, creative marketing opportunities can be used to grow emailing list. Instagram social media is a platform to be mindful about your efforts and engagement increasing skills. It is not necessarily important to promote it every day, even once a week is enough. Take your marketing levels to the success portion with the most efficient way possible.


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