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Icon Trends in 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Just imagine you went to a certain site and things are described a lot rather than an icon is put on, you won’t even bother to read, the icon has a huge impact on a website. Icons grant you to associate the real world with just a visual. As icons are important, keeping them trendy also matters. The modern era of technology is all about following trends and keep sustaining in the market.

The recreation of old things into new is it, what the icon trends are!

In this guide, we’ll explain what are the various Icon Trends in 2022, keep on reading to explore more.

An icon is a graphic symbol that represents a real, fantasy, abstract motive created with the help of a software application. Icon has a maximum size of 1024 by 1024 pixels or greater and a minimum resolution of 16 by 16 pixels.

Importance of Icons

Icons Help to Express Complex Ideas by Simplifying Them with Beautiful Visuals.
Icons Sometimes Can Be a Storyteller.
Icons Help to Carry Out Navigation Smoothly and Steadily
Icons Will Reflect the Functionality of Any Following Thing.

Steps to Create an Icon:

Research: The idea you are going to use should be unique, just check out that it doesn’t match with any.

Concept: Use the element which will be you find relatable to your idea

Start Designing: When you are done with the research and ready with the concept start designing.

 Icon Trends in 2022


The abstract is an existing thought or idea, which could be expressed in the form of an icon and even as a website design icon. An Abstract Icon will help to express multiple emotions compiled and put together.

The color scheme used while creating an abstract icon will lead to shaping people’s opinions about a certain brand and its business as the icons include line-drawn symbols, shapes, patterns, or illustrations that communicate a brand’s message using non-literal imagery.

An abstract icon is often seen in industries that connect people or businesses such as entertainment, technology, freelancing networks, social media, and gaming. (Unique icon that’s designed to express something specific)

Bright Colors:

Color theory knowledge with basic color schemes such as monochromatic analogous complementary, split-complementary, triadic and tetradic/double-complementary has become prominent with growing trend icon designs.

With the help of Bright colors elements become distinguishable and noticeable.

The bright color icon can create a sense of Positivity, and consistency in visual solutions increases brand awareness and also help to set the right atmosphere for conveying the right message.

As they are eye catchy in nature has become trendy in many areas of design, especially icon web design. For an icon, light and dull colors won’t give the same impact and visualization similar to bright colors as they need to speak out and shine up.


An icon is designed in such a way that elements are put inside a circle, as it is the simplest and perfect geometrical shape. Design the icon in such a way that it fits inside the circle (plays the role of frame).

Sometimes the element won’t look good with a circle as a frame so, you might need to change the geometrical shape which will enhance the element’s value.

A circular icon design can turn out to be a plus point for touch-based devices as it imitates our fingers and thumbs making it easier for a user to click on them. Icons in web design could be used for navigation purposes.


Doodle a word, which you often hear, denotes drawing or scribbling physically. A certain style or pattern is followed by an artist while doodling could be color as well as black and white.

A hand made icons give a more comfy, genuine feeling as text and structure won’t be exactly similar to one another compare to complex illustrations.

When you have to create a human aspect in business, the hand-made icon can be used widely.

Flat Icons:

The simple, two-dimensional elements with a wide range of vibrant colors, which give a clean look as texture, shadows and extra details, are reduced.

The flat icon can be used to convey a message, float and promote a product.


An illustration is a depiction made by an artist using a graphical representation.

With the help of digital software, drawings and vector icons could be created.

The desired thing could be added in the form of text, color, and elements, using icons in web design with the help of an illustration.


Creating a simple icon with minimizing the number of elements and color usage. Keeping the main aim and designing with detailing and creativity.

Example: Line icon style is compatible and adds a little more visual attraction by emphasizing the brand color. Ideograms and pictograms format can help to create logos. The lines are set up and changed as needed.

3D Gradients:

Gradient (shades of bright colors or dark colors), 3D gradients create a depth or illusion. A shadow is given to the icon making it more fascinating.

The 3D gradient enhances the color of the elements in the icon to create a pop effect and which helps them to Stand out from the crowd.

Let’s Conclude!

Icons can be called the core elements of visual communication.

Icon Trends help to increase graphic design usability and creativity. Designers can find various new ways to reimagine the visual elements and to create new art styles considering needs while finding the best connection between brand, product and consumer.

With the help of this guide, even you can follow and try out the trend and recreate with your imagination, something innovative and unique.

Hope so this content was resourceful and gave brief information about Icon Trends in 2022.


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