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Introduction to Web Development: Types and Skills

Web development is a process or skill required for creating websites and applications. It is the most common thing in computer sciences. We are helping beginners and people looking for complex website structuring, this blog on website development will guide them. Website development is a complete process of designing, building and maintaining a website. There is no business without websites and to connect with customers, websites are needed. Web developers help in SEO, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

Types of Website Development

Front – end Web Developer

Designing, building and testing the visual part comes in the front-end development skills. Interfaces that are used for interacting with a system can be created. Visual and functional design, user experience and accessibility is taken care of. This needs methods like designing tools, testing frameworks and programming languages.

Back – end Web Developer

Designing, coding and testing of a website falls in the back end developer’s job. It handles the back-end part and user requests and interacts with the database. From developing architecture, writing code, user authentication and data storage, it includes everything. They are in close collaboration with front-end developers for the formation of a proper pipeline. 

Full-stack Web Development

Full-stack web development includes both front and back end responsibilities. The developer might be responsible for the development from user interface to server side. Cutting – edge technologies are identified and full stack developers are responsible for it. Enhanced blockchain and programming languages are used to strengthen business capabilities and functioning. So, these were the different web development types so depending upon your skill you need to see which one suits you.
Lets move on to the next topic which is different types of Web development skills.

Web Development Skills

You are required to learn basic skills like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You need to be familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap. You need to develop the skills required for the specific job you want. For web application development, you need skills like programming languages and frameworks. For designing and developing websites skills like HTML, CSS and JavaScript is necessary. It depends on your career goals or interests. 


HTML – Detailed instruction set that is written in a manuscript concerning typeset and style.
CSS – It is a designing language that makes your webpage look nice and presentable.
JavaScript – It is a programming language considered as a part of a webpage with object oriented capabilities.
Database – For dynamic updates  in an electronic form that can be stored and accessed.
Server Scripts – For communication allowance, coding instructions are made or to retrieve data from databases or external servers.
API’s – ( Application Programming Interfaces ) Does communication jobs easier by making a set of routines, protocols and tools.

Other Skills

Programming Capabilities – Very strong programming skills are needed so mastering languages is just a beginning. Technology is booming and will continue to change so learning new coding techniques is crucial.
Attention in Details – Patience and analytical website development skills for testing and debugging code to understand what needs to be fixed.
Creative Thinking – A website should be attractive as well as being visible to the search engines. Creativity in user experience, SEO, and other factors are seen in web developers.

Web Development Process

The process can be classified into four steps – research, design, development and testing.


If you know what type of website you want to make and what features you need, you can do some research. You can read online, visit websites and talk with people. Talk to people and ask for their opinions about your business or websites.


After getting research material you now can design your website. Create logos, content, graphics and layouts for your webpage. The look and feel of your website should be consistent with your brand.


It’s time for coding now! Creation of actual website codebase and features like pages, menus, widgets, etc is involved in this phase. Keep testing your website frequently to ensure everything is working appropriately.


Check your website if there are any errors and check its functioning. Correct all the problems before your site is public.


Directly jumping into the depth of web development can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. There are constant changes in the web so you need to have a learning mindset.


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