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Maximize Your Instagram Video Engagement In 2022

When it comes to marketing your brand online, Social Media Marketing can never go off board.

But unfortunately, many brands haven’t yet acknowledged the power and reach social media tools can bring to their business. In fact, many businesses just build an account and stay there, without doing anything. And here’s where they become yet another face in the crowd.

However, we don’t want you to miss out on this trend, and here we are presenting one such social media platform that can do wonders for your brand – Instagram!

Are you still wondering how a business can utilize Instagram features like videos and reels as a marketing strategy?

Check out this!

Launched back in 2010, Instagram is a constantly evolving social media platform that is here to stay for long. From Instagram stories, IGTV, to reels, all of these features by Instagram have brought the platform 1 billion monthly active users. On average, a user spends almost 30 minutes of their day on Instagram scrolling new posts. And lastly, any Instagram business on average posts one reels/videos/photos a day.

This shows how important it is for a business to show up their product/service on such an amazing platform having millions of active users.

But if you are new to Instagram, you may find the platform and its algorithm a bit confusing. Hence, to help you get over the initial curve, we have got you covered with some creative and easy ways to maximize your Instagram video engagement, check it out now!

10 Creative Ways to Maximize Instagram Video Engagement Rate Incredibly

Understand Your Brand

First things first, the best way to maximize your Instagram video engagement rate is to show your customer who you are as a business. And for this purpose, you have to know your brand and develop a clearer understanding of what you want to show your customer.

You have to build a strategy that is closely related to your product/service. You can even plan a specific colour palette or add your logo to your posts and videos.


Plan Creative Content

The only way to stand unique on such a crowded platform is to get creative as much as you can. By being creative make sure to build a voice for your brand. Your posts and videos should be of top-notch quality and they must be your first and foremost priority.

If you are struggling with brainstorming creative ideas for your reels, explore the reel section, because trending reels are truly a great source of inspiration. Make sure to know what’s trending in the platform, and which type of posts/reels is generating high engagement for other brands using IG.

And, if you have spotted a trend or an idea that’s working best for other brands, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Can I align the idea of this reel with my brand creatively?
  • Will my audience be able to connect with the information shared?

If the answer to both questions is a YES, Definitely hog onto that idea!


Choose High-Quality Audio

After post content, comes audio quality that acts as an incredible way to maximize your Instagram video engagement rate. And for this, reels audio is a great place to begin with.

If you found any of the reels that best suits your content, you can use that audio by clicking on the music notes symbol. And if you are not able to find a track for your post, you can even use the live audio of the video or can add voiceover tracks.

While adding any audio, know that reels are just 30-60 seconds, hence, always pick an appropriate part of the track to play.


Don’t Miss Out On Adding Exciting Transitions

Do you know which type of reels gets quick viewer attention? Well, it’s the one having great transitions and hooks from the start.

Remember that you just have a few seconds to grab the attention of your viewer so that they watch the rest of the clip, and maybe share it to other friends. Thus, always add a bold statement or an eye-catching effect at the start. Lastly, your video should be fun to watch and it should not bore the user, hence record wisely!


Edit On Instagram Itself (If You Can!)

Instagram loves instagram users who support every feature of the platform. And for this purpose, the platform already has some great built-in editing tools for users to create high quality video content. So, if you have been using Instagram for editing videos, the platform will reward you with increased engagement rate.


Own Your Captions For That Extra Reach

Many brands focus a lot on post content and quality that they forget that caption is also a part of their post. In fact captions have more power than posts to give you extra reach (hello, hashtags!).

So, the next time you would be posting a video, make sure to add a good amount of humour in the caption. In this way, you will get an extra opportunity to communicate with your audience.

Also, if you are not able to share your message via video, you can add that extra information in the caption. This will help users learn more about your product/service.


Share Your Video

As mentioned previously, Instagram is loaded with every set of features that would increase your engagement rate easily, and one such feature is IG Story. So, whenever you would post a video or reel on your Instagram page, make sure to add it to your story. You can even share your reels on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr to get that extra reach.


Reward Your Community

Always remember that it’s not just you building your brand on Instagram, it’s your audience too who grow your brand. Hence, include your community in your videos, posts, or stories. Make sure to offer them something extra in terms of giveaways, exclusive offers, and pre-access to newer products.


Add Call To Action (If you can!)

At the end of every video, make sure to add a CTA, that’s not so salesy but would allow audience to take an action to reach out to you. You can ask your audience different questions and their advice regarding your brand. You can even tell your users to like, comment, share, or save your video, reminding them that you need their support to bring out more such relevant video contents.


Keep A Check On Your Audience

Lastly, communicate with your audience. Know what they are commenting on your videos/post. Reply them, and if they are struggling with any issues, reach out to them through the direct messaging feature. Keep a note on your competitor’s brand, their audience, and thus build your content accordingly.



If you have been in confusion about how rightly you can maximize your Instagram video engagement rate, the above tips would surely help you. Know that, it’s 2022, and above all, Instagram is a goldmine that has helped many marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs across the globe with a superficial number of leads. The sooner you will hog on to the trends, the better business Instagram will bring to you.


And if you are still stuck about how you can step into the world of Instagram, Viworld digital is all set to help you with its social media marketing expertise. For any queries related to Digital Marketing please mail us!



What is a good engagement rate on Instagram in 2022?

The average good engagement rate on Instagram is between 1% to 4%, usually seen on most of the influential faces’ profiles.

How do you get more engagement on Instagram videos easily?

Posting consistently, using high-quality audio, and good editing is the key to getting more engagement on Instagram videos or reels easily.

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