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Must-Have Features For Travel Agency Websites

Everyone loves to travel and explore new places in the world, which gives a good opportunity to business. This rises to a lot of questions and requires a lot of support for the newbies especially. It’s always important to pre-decide some factors before acting impulsively for giving the best service. Obviously running a business online will be beneficial but what are the required features in it? Well, every company must have a web presence to get good customers approaching after being live.

Websites form a first impression in no time, you need to grab the attention quickly. This is because the attention span is low for customers while browsing. A travel website will not be sufficed by features, images or a standard booking. Travel agency websites have seen drastic change so something exciting is required. Check out these features for the perfect travel interface covered in our website development topics.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is quite a trend in the digital era, and has gained a significance in the travel agency. AR will give a virtual view with location, Wi-Fi hotspots, weather forecasts, etc. The reason why it’s famous is because it allows hotels to flex their aesthetics for building up the excitement. Augmented reality can show extra information like destination, eating joints, sights and more. It basically provides a 3D view of the location so a step towards it can be the best one.

Straightforward Search Results

There are different parameters involved while travelling and some people have already decided their destinations. They will only look for that destination instead of scrolling randomly everywhere. For this, they will look for search results on the website to save time ignoring the extra data. This feature will humanise online booking experiences meeting customers needs and requirements. You can select the date of journey, mode of transport, number of people involved, a budget, etc. You can mention the airport name from where the journey will begin for much ease in the process.


Before deciding on a product, you might first check the reviews especially when it’s your first experience with it. You will probably check the review of the particular product for stars and words of people. Reviews are important for an ecommerce or any other site for increasing the conversion rate. For a travel agency, this will add an SEO bonus, improving SEO rankings with the comments sections enabled. Testimonials, customer reviews and suggestions are what people want to know to gain trust. Unfortunately, very few agencies use this feature ignoring the benefits they can provide. Positive reviews give credibility making visitors choose you while planning for further tours. The customers will eliminate lingering doubts a customer might have for services which is a strong point. There shouldn’t be any questions on safety or so for the agency being quality effective.


A normal customer will check the details on every site regarding the price before making a purchase decision. A transparency in rates will give them a good detail to compare for with other portals. If the pricing is unclear, consisting of hidden charges, a user will switch his options to the agency. Display all the details for airport ticket reservations, bus reservations, car rents and the cost of these services. For increasing profits, know the importance of accurate pricing for appropriate packages. Make good packages and name each one of them like platinum, silver, gold which will be easier for distinguishing them.

Easy Booking System

Make the booking system precise with ease eliminating all the hidden charges and an on the point price. Give real time updates with a proper property management system for making things easier. Check – in and check – out dates, contact details, emergency facilities, etc will give a lot of credit. Make sure you give payment options like credit card, debit card, PayPal or net banking in the process. Provide travel nomads with new travel tours and packages holding 24/7 booking facilities. This will help you in growth and channel your services in a better way. Give a secured booking method by installing the SSL certificate and other preventions of virus.

Favourites List

When people are not sure about their destination, they will keep some on their favourites list. This list will save time allowing them to recall their previously liked places. The world is scattered in different dimensions today, and such kinds of convenience add up to a vision. Wish Lists and favourites can eliminate the hassle of shifts on websites and drive more engagements. This will directly improve the user experience allowing people to easily find what they look for.

The WOW Factor

Due to the short attention span, you have less time to show your exciting offerings. They will have a quick look at the photography of the page. The quality of your photos shows significance so snap a good angle. Either afford a photographer or commission a graphic for appealing photography for enhancing the offering. You can also download some high quality images with permissions from photography platforms like Shutterstock. A visual word with images is a strong way to inspire and transmit messages. These images give a statement having a bigger impact on the website. Users don’t like to be involved in a website lacking images and tend to jump on the agency. To avoid this, add images as well as other social media handles with plenty other images other than website.

The best travel agencies website go beyond basic HTML pages with static images, simplistic payment options, and transparency. The travel agency comes with a full-view into the digital era so it’s not enough with basic touches. Keeping this thought in mind… these tips can be incorporated into websites for being successful and competitive.


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