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Paid vs. Organic Social Media

Paid social media and organic social media are the most common terms that you might probably have heard. Paid ads are where you pay for running ads on socials with targeted audiences. Organic ads is where the ads are made by the algorithms automatically. Both are used for different goals for a holistic marketing approach. However, applying both for an effective social media strategy can be a task. You will see a lot of difference in the initial launch of social media and the current one. For nurturing audiences to get more border reach paid and organic both can be used in tandem. Paid and organic strategies both have their own advantages and disadvantages so use them beneficially. Gain benefits minimising the drawbacks requiring you to integrate a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is when brands pay to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. For sharing content with new audiences, boost the organic content or design unique ads. Users prefer online shopping rather than physical stores and the purchased decisions are influenced by ads. All the news about new deals, events and contents are promoted by paid ads. Leads generations and conversions for e-commerce and service providers are also mostly seen by paid ads.

Advantages of Paid Advertising

– While targeting, check on the demographics that will be interested in your brand
– Test to gain valuable insights across platforms
– Drive conversions by capturing leads
– Keep a track of results, for future marketing strategies
– Bring awareness about latest releases, events and deals
– Show your customer journeys of different stages
– Paid ads can fit any budget constraints

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing refers to the free posts, photos, videos, memes, etc that comes to brands usage. When you do an organic post, the most type of people expected to see your content are your followers, their followers and people who follow your hashtags. Organic media is mostly used for establishing brand voice, engaging customers in their buying journey, and building relationships.

Advantages of Organic Advertising

– Improvement in online reviews and rankings
– Direct connection with offering qualitative engagement
– Makes you trustworthy in the eyes of Google algorithms
– Create a brand personality and voice
– Share resonating content nurturing customer relationships
– Give a good customer support and manage your reputation

How to use it?

Show Brand’s Strategy for Organic Social Media Contributing to Personality

Open a dialogue with your targeted audience
Provides valuable content


Boost top performing paid social media in Marketing

For every platform, use optimised ads
Target ideal audience


Methods to Integrate Both In Your Strategy

Organic Ways to Paid Strategies

Applying this method can give good outcomes so try combining the both and see how it goes. Make the paid ads with the same image type, CTA’s, tone of copy, social media posts topics, etc. Making a consistent look and feel in both will give positive results.

Analyse the behaviour

Look at the behaviour of campaigns that you run and the organic campaigns. Use this analysis for other campaigns in a most valuable and cost-effective way. This analysis will show you which practises to avoid and which to use for future references. Knowing customers and their choices and using your strategies to their benefits is always best.

Boost the Best Organic Content

The content that best resonated with viewers can be used in paid ads for reaching more views. This is a low-risk approach because you are aware that it works efficiently and will give good results. When you know this already, give it a shoot with paid ads. Choose the top performing weekly or monthly post with a small budget considering analytics reports.

Retargeted Ads

For capturing leads in the most effective budget friendly way, use retargeted ads. Target the organic customers who already know your business and remind them about your latest launches. Do this by creating an ad post with ‘The Message’ contributing to their purchasing decisions.

Align messaging

Paid and organic marketing have their own pros and cons sharing the same end goal of business. A potential customer will encounter both the types of ads in their journey. Customers can see your message generated across various channels of communications. Be consistent enough for a single company so that messages do not conflict with each other.

A/B testing method

Testing is the best way in implementing any new things and it’s applicable in paid ads as well. You can start with a campaign targeting a smaller audience for social spending. Offer them an enjoyable experience by testing positions, visuals, and ad format. After running the campaign, check the performance for next ideas or strategies.

Potential Powers of Paid and Organic Social Media

Organic and social media are the pair of socks that cannot go without one another. Living in a pay-to-play world, people only focus on paid ads ignoring the fact that they both are two sides of the coin. Investing in paid ads is also correct but also dedicates time and resources for organic ads. Try to be more human and don’t give them a feel of just a customer. Don’t be rigid for adapting new routes and become more open-minded. Social media marketing is a dynamic space that awards those who are audience specific. Make your audience more content specific, fulfilling the needs that help build a community. Shift your focus on connecting with brands with some fun and engaging communication.

Final Thoughts!
Instead of looking for ways that support both differently, look for ways that support both altogether. Track your efforts and leverage it in the utmost benefits that easily tie-up with business goals. The audience desires for deeper transparency, authenticity and brands with shared values. Social media is now becoming a community with a sense of enthusiasm. The modern marketing approach is focusing on both approaches and becoming pillars of strength for one another.


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