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Reasons you should be using Pinterest for business

Why should you be using Pinterest for business? Pinterest is one of the social media platforms where a user can widely create and share pins. its strong suits include visual content, boards, and even set-up shop per se. You can easily create a business account on Pinterest or can convert your personal account to a business one just like you do on any other social media platform. It has a higher engagement rate than any of its competitors. Pinterest has a lot of potential to wider your customer base and even help you with brand exposure. If you are not using this platform to market your product or service, you are missing out on a number of potential customers  That said, many businesses still weary the idea of using Pinterest for the business, well, they have a lot of misconceptions about Pinterest! There are many reasons why you should be using Pinterest to widen your business curve. In today’s web development blog, let’s discuss those reasons in the pointer below 

  • Higher conversion rates

Compared to any other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, a study shows that Pinterest has more conversion rate of a causal visitor into a buyer. Pinterest helps to reduce the number of steps from discovery to conversion, making it easier for people to get straight to the source. Remember, people often turn to Pinterest for inspiration or visual content. It is some sort of visual search engine per se. 

  • Increased traffic  

Pinterest is considered to be an excellent tool to increase backlinks for your website, resulting in driving more traffic. It is proven that social media effectively generate more traffic to your website than any other method, and Pinterest does it much better than the rest. Of course, content index matter to uptick the traffic growth and conversion. If you’re regularly updating relatable content that your audience like, it is much more likely that the audience will buy from you.

  • User engagement is higher 

Engagement means a lot when it comes to social media, it is more on Pinterest. Almost three-fifth of all user comes to Pinterest with the intent of actually buying a product or service. Also, the majority of people are on Pinterest to perceive cool and likable content to receive and share with their peers. How is it helpful to your business? Imagine your content getting viral and getting a load of traffic because of that. Pinterest pins are more likely to be seen and touched and can make it even go viral per se.  

  • Every pin act like an inbound link

Every Pin on Pinterest includes a link which makes it really easy for a user to get back to the source of the image. This makes your website easy to access and makes it more searchable. You can make users visit your website at a much higher rate than any third-party source by adding quality content on Pinterest. Also, it is great in terms of SEO.

  • Pinterest analytics and insight

Pinterest analytical and sights tools are a great way to measure the activities and growth of your business on it. From demographic to audience comparison, Pinterest infographics help to finalize the strategies you need to implement in order to grow. Pinterest lets you filter out the top pins to help you determine what types of posts work. Also, Pinterest analytics provide information about your organic and paid pins so you can see how effective your promotions are in engaging your target audience and many more. 

  • Cross-integration seems quickly with Pinterest

Pinterest integrates with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account. Why is this a good thing?  Because it enables users to automatically post new pins to their news feeds for others to see. If you’re relying on automation, you might be trying to do too much. You might want to spend some time on a social media strategies first.

Take away

It is now pointless to think about misconceptions related to Pinterest that it is not as effective as any other social media. In fact, Pinterest has a higher bet of converting your casual visitor into your buyer, making it the best social media platform.  To be successful with Pinterest for business, you just need to utilize Pinterest Analytics, group boards, social media integration, and search functions, in order to grow. Pinterest has a lot of potential to wider your customer base and even help you with brand exposure.

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