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Responsive and Creative Web Design Tips in 2022

These days, designing a responsive and creative website design means that it should look appealing as well as respond well to different screen ratios across various electronic devices that exist whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet, or even on tv. The website needs to be adaptive. As we discussed earlier on our previous website development topics, it is recorded that almost three-fifths of all global web traffic comes from mobile devices. That throws a strong argument why your website needs to be optimized for a mobile phone screen. 

In terms of content and elements, a responsive web design automatically scales it and ensure it the visitor being able to navigate accordingly what they want to see. There are basically two approaches i.e. Adaptive and responsive in order to develop a website that is optimized for user to access it on a phone or a tabloid per se. In a responsive design, approach is basically the design that adjust automatically based on the visitor screen size. It is comparatively cheaper than an adaptive design where the website design is purposely build for each device class. It’s the server that decides which design version to show to each type of device.
After that, Best Practice suggest:

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Making a responsive web design that is optimized for accessibility on mobile phones has always been a challenge for a UX designer. You can make sure of perceived size into the design as the users prefer larger icons or design so that they wouldn’t have to pitch or zoom in. Make sure the design is intuitive at every layout and size.


A web design basically follows 4 principles i.e. perceivable, robust, understandable and operable. Your elements and content should be clear and focusable. Text on the website needs to be bigger and easy to read and with accessibility features to support machine reading, voice to text input fields, alternate navigation, and features that do not rely on colour contrast to indicate function.

Adopting Fluid Grids and Images

Try creating an image with base of 4 px to make sure of percentages necessary in the fluid grids format. Check for common breakpoint for desktop display, mobile and tabloid display separately that could be relevant for your visitors.

Optimize It for Touchscreen

UI differs on the base of infractions a visitor make whether it is a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen. Make sure your elements are placed where your user can find them easily. Also, keep the element size preferably bigger so that it is easy touchable. It needs to be integrated in such a manner that it is responsive, touch gestures works fine, and do optimized it for thumb zone.

Be Particulars of Elements on a Small Screen

It basically means to limit the unnecessary features or element on a small screen to help support. Decide on what functionality should a developers should focus on as a responsive breakpoint for the website design for mobile operability.

Test and Iterate

A website design and development is a representation of your company, not statics. It is always likely to have room for more improvement. Try implementing certain areas of your website for clean and easy navigation of your pages to increase conversion. User tends to stick longer on you website if the boarding process is as easy. It also helps in your ranking too on search engine. Try testing monitor tools on a weekly basis to see how changes you’ve made are affecting your page performance.

Apply Design Patterns

A design pattern is basically the generic approach to a common problem in design. It is important ot consider how different design patterns affects from one breakpoint to another. Try responsive designs and typography for your website. Implement responsive images and test the responsiveness on weekly basis to see how changes you’ve made are affecting your page performance.

Play Safe with Pre-designed Themes and Layout

While creating a website themes and layout can be a helpful in creating a responsive website. Web development platforms such as WordPress offer responsive themes for you to use.



Designing a website that is optimized for pretty responsive experience on the mobile device or any other electronic device is considered the benchmark of today’s website development for any business. If your websites are not responsive then it will cause an issue in search engines. So it is very important to have a responsive web design and also providing great user experience.


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