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Shopify vs WordPress (2022): Which is Better?

Shopify Vs WordPress, wondering which is the better option for your E-commerce website? Well, many people out there have the same question and so we are here to help you decide which of the two platforms you should choose for your business. So, let’s get started. 


Shopify Vs WordPress | The Primary Difference 

What Is Shopify? 

Shopify is purely an e-commerce platform allowing anyone to establish their store online and sell products or services. It is a leading software based sales platform as it has about more than 5 million users including brands like Netflix and BBC. 

It is designed such that one does not need to know how to code in order to build an online store using Shopify. The platform is very easy to use and it includes all the necessary e-commerce tools and features. 

As Shopify is a software as a service, one needs to buy a subscription in order to run their online store. However, as your entire store runs on Shopify, you do not need to worry about installing software, website hosting, or anything of that sort.  


What Is WordPress? 

WordPress is a content management system that helps you build websites. Unlike Shopify, WordPress is not restricted to e-commerce websites and it allows the creation of websites in general. 

WordPress has two options when it comes to website building, hosted and self-hosted. The hosted option is the .com version which allows you to build websites without owning a domain. Whereas, the self-hosted option is the .org version which allows you to build websites with your own domain. 

It is best known for the versatility it offers when it comes to building a website. It provides its users with full freedom and flexibility to design their website however they require it to be. WordPress also renders its users with various different plugins which help increase the functionality of your website. 


Now that we know what Shopify and WordPress are, let us one by one talk about their characteristics so we can help you with Shopify Vs WordPress. 


Why Use Shopify? 

Ease of Use 

Shopify has a very straightforward and simple user interface. You can build your online store on Shopify without the knowledge of coding or web development. It is designed such that a beginner can also set up their online store easily. Their dashboard is very simple and you can easily customize your products and themes without any hassle. 



When it comes to themes and design, the free version of Shopify offers limited themes you can choose from to start your online store. However, the premium version offers more options to choose from and also you get full freedom of customizing fonts and colors according to your requirements. 


Customer Support 

When it comes to customer support, Shopify has one of the best services as they provide 24/7 customer support which is available via email, chat, and also phone. Apart from that, they also have active community forums and help centers for their users. 



As its name says, Shopify is a dedicated E-commerce platform that includes all E-commerce tools and features required for an online store. Users get access to inventory, order management tools, and much more. 

Shopify also has its own payment gateway which works without any transaction fees. Apart from that it also has other payment gateways which can be used. It also has integration with different sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and more. 



Shopify comes with built-in SEO aspects that help your website rank higher on search engines. You can easily optimize your online store on Shopify for increasing your visibility on search engines. However, the SEO features offered by Shopify are very basic yet pretty reliable.



Shopify is a closed sourced content management system, meaning only people with authorization can access the code and edit it. This makes Shopify a secure platform for your business. Apart from that, they have a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts who find and fix security issues. So, it is safe to say that Shopify provides a secure platform for your online store. 

shopify vs wordpress

Why Use WordPress? 

Ease of Use 

Talking about WordPress, it is also designed such that a person with no coding knowledge can build a website. However, when it comes to creating an online store with WordPress, it is comparatively a little more complex than Shopify. 

As WordPress is not restricted to E-commerce websites, building an online store on WordPress requires various plugins. Getting used to the use of different plugins may take some time. WordPress is a huge platform and so it can also take some time to get familiar with all the features and tools available. 



The number of themes and designs available on WordPress is more than you can think of. Even the free version of WordPress has more than 10000 themes you can browse through. Although when selecting a theme or design for your E-commerce website it is important to carefully pick the right theme. 


Customer Support 

Unlike Shopify, WordPress does not offer 24/7 customer support but it has a huge knowledge base where one can find answers to their queries. Apart from that, there is a huge community of WordPress website developers who can answer your queries. 



As mentioned earlier, WordPress is not restricted to E-commerce and so it requires various plugins to make your online store fully functional. WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress E-commerce plugins which is widely used. Nevertheless, WordPress does not have as many E-commerce features and tools as Shopify has but there are a number of big companies that use WordPress for their E-commerce website. 



Search engine optimization is one of the main concerns for any website on the internet. WordPress has a number of provisions with which you can help your website rank higher on search engines. There are a number of SEO plugins like Yoast that you can use to optimize your online store to rank your website higher. 



As WordPress is an open sourced content management system, meaning anyone can access the code and edit it. But WordPress is designed by keeping web security in mind and with the availability of various security plugins you can ensure the safety of your website. 


Shopify Vs WordPress: Which Is Better? 

So, now that we have one by one looked at the different characteristics of both Shopify and WordPress, let’s talk about Shopify Vs WordPress, which is better? Well, if you think about it, both platforms are built keeping different things in mind, so, both have their own benefits based on what they offer. 

Based on your website’s requirements, you can go through different characteristics on each of the platforms and decide what suits you best. If you are looking to just build your business online then Shopify is best for you. Whereas, if you wish to have complete control over every aspect of your website then WordPress would be the choice for you. 

So, take your time to analyze what your website needs so you can take an informed decision about Shopify Vs WordPress, which is best. Hope we helped you answer your questions, if you have any more queries or need web development blogs on related topics do let us know. 


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