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Simple ways to promote your event using social media

If your brand conducts events this can be a useful blog for you. We’ll talk about the usage, exposure and physical or online conference. For an upcoming event, social media is the best way to spread the buzz. Social media is the only way where you gain attention and excitement for your event. Your objective might be revenue gaining or building a community or branding buzz. To help you achieve your goals we are listing some social media uses and ways for event promotions.

Social networks:

Instagram – This is an image-laden social media platform on which brands get the most engagement.
Facebook – You can give your updates, engage with followers, and also create event pages. Targeting specific audiences using paid promotions can also be done.
Twitter – Before and after an event, excitement and experiences can be shared on twitter.
LinkedIn – You can use it for industry networking on LinkedIn, being a great B2B platform. News and event announcements can be done with LinkedIn in a most professional way.

Make a hashtag

Make a good hashtag and make sure it includes everything. Share it on every platform that comes in your mind and every image that you create. Many events skip this important step and you’ll be surprised by its effectiveness. You can make it easy for people to find what you’re saying and sharing. You can make an engaging conversation with interested people.

Build an event landing page

It is a targeted web page and it contains all the important information. All event promotion using social media can be linked to this landing page. It can help people to participate in the event you have created. This can also be used as a benefit using a special strategy like participation gifts, etc. landing pages should be created in a way that can be easily scannable by the visitors. Use a clear headline, informative copy, and CTA options.

Ask guest speakers to speak about your event

‘Good energy and vibes are contagious’ – use this thought for the most efficient way possible. Share the hype with the participants and viewers by involving guest speakers. Social media use for events is the best way to spread the news. Prepare content materials in advance to make it easy for promotion. Once done with all the preparations, ask the guests to share them on blogs or email signatures. Your guests can also be influencers holding a good repo.

Teaser posts

A stand out event image of last year can be used for Instagram posts. A short video on Facebook for the upcoming weekend event can increase attention. They get people excited for a known quantity and the marvel fans are aware of that power. Simply seeing an “A” of Avengers builds enthusiasm. People who don’t already know about the event can also get thrills with teaser posts. While conducting an event take teasers to appeal to new and existing fans.

Prioritise Consistency

To keep it sober, use the same colours, logos and tone across platforms. Log out from the brands account and have a visitors view from your personal account. Keep a list of things that need to be updated or rectified. For building a real connection with people, consistent presence on social media is crucial. This is a common expectation people keep from their favourite brand. Make it a priority for social media use for events.

– Increase attention
– Gain feedbacks
– Build authority

Promotion ideas:
– Add links to the social bio’s
– Tell audience where to find you socially
– Ask them to share
– Invite followers
– Add hashtags
– Repost questions that customers ask
– Throw giveaways
– Make videos

Wrapping Up!
Social marketing tools are an essential marketing tool that helps the community to engage with the audience. These are some of the tactics we have listed to promote your events with social media. Use a variety of these to engage with your audience and resonate with them. If it works, make a document of it for using it again too.


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