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The Best Programming Languages You Can Use for Web Development (2023)

Computer programming was a mysterious place for newbies and selected people were known as programmers. Web development comes with lots of opportunities being an evergreen field. Having expertise in the field is important with all the web development languages. Programming languages are the base of every web innovation and is a base for all creations. Web development articles will present some new programming languages that can be used for web development.


What is a Programming Language?

Assume that you are in Japan, at some point you will feel the need to know the Japanese language. Similarly, for communicating with computers you need a language called programming language. It is a computer language that is used by programmers for doing a task. For developing desktop applications, websites and mobile applications, programming is needed. The language is made up of series and symbols serving as a bridge between humans and computers. There are different classifications and types of programming that all need to be understood for a full-fledged programmer.

Programming Languages: 


The first version was written by Tim Berners-Lee in 1993 which became an official standard in December 1999. Every web developer should be familiar with HTML or HyperText Markup Language because it’s the foundation of web development. HTML is one of the best programming languages and it comes in front of any other programming language. This is the second commonly used web development language and a common skill seen in developers. For creating web pages, HTML is a standard language that has been used commonly.

Structure of web pages is responsible for proper formatting of images and texts. It comes with templates so that you could do a website designing easily, being lightweight and fast.
HTML can be freely accessed being supported by every browser and very easy to implement.



CSS means cascading Style Sheets that are used with HTML for monitoring the style of a webpage. Just like HTML, CSS is another basic language that everyone should know. When both are combined, they are known as the mother of all programming languages. CSS covers all the basic designing elements like size, colour, and positions of all the elements at a web page.

It will support responsive web design, upholding consistency due to cascading nature and an applied style down for parent to child.

If you are a beginner, this will be a friend to you by simplifying customisation. You can improve the page loading speed of web pages with CSS.



Python is a general-purpose programming language of a high level and its design emphasises code readability. Python supports many programming paradigms being object-oriented, structured and functional programming. Python was invented by Guido van Rossum in December 1989 in the Netherlands.

Python managed to grow and retain being created in the 1980’s in all the years. Python has beaten Java being one of the top programming languages reflecting skilled engineers, courses, and third-party vendors. Being a multi-purpose programming language, Python is also called a ‘universal language.’ The following features make it ideal for websites and software, web apps, and desktop apps.

Python is applicable and accessible to various programming languages being an English-syntax based. Python has gained community support, robust libraries, frameworks, and well-established language.



Java runs on approximately any kind of device including notebook computers, mobile devices, medical devices, gaming consoles, etc. It is a widely used programming language being object-oriented and a software platform. Alterations of codes can be easily done even after you wrote a code being portable. The language was invented by James Gosling in 1991 at Sun Microsystems. It was made with a prime goal of ‘write once, run anywhere’ and later it was acquired by Oracle.
Java is recognised across platforms from data centres to mainframes to smartphones. As of today’s date, more than 3 million devices are using applications built from Java. Java is owned by Oracle Corporation by its object-oriented structure and is used without as a standard medium. Java programmers have an extensive community online for supporting each other and solving difficulties. Java is used in many popular websites including Google, Amazon, Twitter and YouTube. Although being complex, experienced Java developers are high on demand. Java is one of the best programming language for web development.



The development started in July 2010 by Chris Lattner collaborating with many programmers at Apple. It was officially released on 2nd June, 2014 at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. It considers modern approaches to safety, performance and software design patterns being a general-purpose programming language.

This is a web programming language used for Linux and Mac applications. Few years ago, Swift made its appearance in the top 10 list of monthly TIOBE. The web programming languages are easy to learn and support almost everything. Apart from being easy to use, it can be used with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix. IOS apps like WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, SoundCloud and the game called Flappy Bird are all used by Swift. Swift is faster than compared with any other programming language and an open source platform.



R was named after two authors Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka being there initially.
R coded applications can interface with many databases and processes both structured and unstructured data. They are used for linear and nonlinear modelling, statistics, visualisation, calculation, testing and analysis. It has a community network of developers being a surplus for newbies. It has a moderate learning curve and can be complex for beginners but communities can be taken advantage of. If you want statistical computing and graphics R is a language and environment for it. It comes with a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques being highly extensible. Great care is taken for defaults giving full control of minor design choices including graphics.
R has some popular frameworks – Beaker: comes in a small package with minimal web framework for quickly developing simple and stable services. Plumber: It lets you create website API with special decorator comments by decorating existing R code. Ambiorix: this is an un-opinionated framework package designed to be flexible and extendable.

There are wide varieties in packages available and data supporting features for managing data. It can be cross-functioned with Linux, Windows and Mac OS making it ideal for machine learning applications.


Different purposes require different languages depending on specific needs so the answer is never easy. Companies need to consider their product and business requirements like budget, timeframe, and business requirements. Selection of the right programming language isn’t an easy task for software development. Realization of what language to be used is important to ensure a stable and secure life.


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