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The Ultimate Guide to SEO

SEO means search engine optimization and is used as a practice to increase rankings. SEO of website is important for driving traffic, leads, and sales if done right. It’s not an easy task to be up-to-date, but when you have SEO, you can relax. However you have to be updated with the guidelines. Its primary goal is to increase organic traffic. Elements like title tags, keywords, image tags, link structure are the things SEO looks for. SEO gives you two things after taking things into consideration, that is – visibility and rankings.  There are three types of seo strategies – website optimisation, Content posting, link building. We are talking about the basics of SEO in our website development blog today!

Importance of SEO

1. Trust is increased by users by having presence in top positions from keywords they have been searching.
2. Has the ability to put you ahead from all the competition. If there are the same things sold by five websites, the search engine optimised websites have more chances for sales.
3. Good SEO practises enhance user experience and usability.
4. For social promotions SEO is best if people find your links on social platforms.


Keywords help us know which words and phrases people are actually using. Sometimes the results are quite different from what we think. Keywords place most emphasis on the search engine values and even rankings. Knowing which keyword to use or what keyword is trending is important while making contents or ads. Search for a keyword that has a high search volume that many people are searching for. Choose keywords that are relevant to your page to make more people stay on site.


A sitemap tells google which files or pages are important and provides relevant information. It also tells when the page has been updated giving a latest version date. It tells Google what pages are important and gives valuable information.


A website crawler is an online robot that scans the pages, explores them, to learn about the sites. They also go through the linked pages on a particular website for indexing. They look for appropriate keywords, hyperlinks, content, and give the information to servers.


Website sorting in a large index is done by indexing by a process of Google algorithm. It is a database of search engines where all the details are organised and stored. Search results that appear in seconds are done by indexing. It is fundamental to attract more users for generating traffic. By indexing, google lists all the websites it’s aware of like a library.

Types of SEO

On page SEO

It is the process of optimising title tags, internal links, URL images and HTML code. Some factors are like follows
● Provides informative writings, engaging and relevant content for users.
● Usage of HTML tags for sections of your material.
● Reduced size of photo files.
● For clear and to the point of structuring the URL.

Off page SEO

It consists of getting reviews, social media ads or getting credible links in the similar field. It works outside of your website involving attractive links, shares on media and mentions from the web. Off page SEO cannot be controlled by you. Off – page SEO tactics can be used for brand building, citation building, content marketing, social media, etc.

Technical SEO

You are doing perfectly well in making thoughtful, engaging content for your website. But if search engines are unable to browse the website and engage it, your efforts could be wasted. This has nothing to bother about content or promotion methods. It figures the settings and configurations for simplifying crawlers’ jobs. If technical SEO is done correctly once you don’t have to touch it again. Hence, Technical SEO is crucial for any website holder.

Local SEO

More business visibility in local searches is gained by Local SEO. To get organic search from local people local SEO is a path. It is important because mobile searches are from the local locations. If a user searches something nearby it results in purchase. Business visits are much more convenient within a day after searching.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO violates google’s guidelines that shouldn’t be used. To improve rankings black hat SEO uses inappropriate ways. It is used to increase or improve in rankings without much work. When these tactics are used, they do produce results but are short-lived and risky.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the most ethical way for optimising a site. It is because it follows all the search engine guidelines. If you don’t manipulate rankings, or other things, for attaining google algorithms you are using White Hat SEO. It focuses on user benefits and making relevant changes for their flexibility. Providing high – quality content, improving page load delays, and easy to navigate features are given significance. As the saying goes – ‘nothing worth having comes easy’, following guidelines is a long-term process. It gives you durable and profitable progress eliminating all the risks.

We hope you enjoyed knowing about our SEO blog today! Few key terms and concepts that you should know are listed. For successful site running you surely need SEO. SEO is a constant learning, experimenting and creative process.


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