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Tips Every Web Developer Should Know

In this digitally driven era, the advancement of the World Wide Web has led web development to be quite an exciting field to get into. There’s so much to web design tips to learn that can help you achieve a competitive edge. it is also a brainer to say that web development is always changing. It is a vast field, with a lot of design tips or you say can website design tips you could learn and implement to excel. For successful web development, one needs to stay relevant and develop skills accordingly to the emerging trends that are being introduced constantly. Also one cannot deny the importance of having a well-built and fully functional website that can surely help your business to grow immensely. So if you are someone who is looking to board the ship or being inspired to be a developer, here are some tips in our today’s Web Development Blog Topics you can keep in mind in order to stay positioned in this remarkable market.


HTML or hypertext mark-up language is a standard mark-up language that is used to structure a web page and its content on the website. Coding in HTML gives you more control over the content and gripping over HTML can help you diagnose issues further. It is known to be the backbone of all websites.


CSS stands for cascading style sheet. The developer usually implements it to define the colour and layout of a web page. Nowadays it can also help you to administrate animation and interactive web design. However, its top-of-the-line features include responsive design. CSS is considered a must know skill for a developer.

JavaScript and JavaScript library

JavaScript helps enable interactivity for a user on the website. If HTML is the backbone, it is safe to say that JavaScript is the brain of a website. Interaction is the basis for many designs. Users seek interactivity on the web. It a powerful language that has only grown more powerful with the JavaScript library. There are many JavaScript libraries available that can help you cut down the time your coding time.

A Server-side Language

A server-side language can make you a much more versatile developer. Learning PHP i.e. still a relevant server-side language even after 20 years since it was first introduced. If PHP is powerful enough to be the go-to for WordPress it can definitely handle anything you throw its way.

Web Development Tools

Understanding development tools is one of the most important skills set that a developer should seek. It can help you debug the website with ease. It helps you perceive styles applied to the element of the site and analyse JavaScript for errors. Firefox and chrome are some popular examples that support development tools.

Search Engine Optimization

It is obvious to point out that without properly implementing SEO techniques; your website is of no use. If people can’t find your website, what is the point of it then? As the number of websites grows rapidly, it is now more important to stay relevant and increase the readability and visibility criteria for web crawlers to easily categorize your website accordingly.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

API gives you access to the third-party data and functionality of your website. It is a great way to create a website by leveraging existing data and services. One example of an application-programming interface is google. Google propose a lot of APIs including Google Analytics, YouTube analytics, maps, and translations.

Git and GitHub

Git is a free open-source distributed control system designed to manage coding and programming projects with speed and efficiency whereas GitHub is an internet hosting service for software development and control using Git. Git is one of the most used control systems, which is used by almost every organization. You should definitely spend some time learning Git and GitHub.


Each skill takes time and patience to learn and become a good web developer needs more continuous learning and implementing it on a daily basis process. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a web developer is that it constantly challenges you to grow as a developer. There are also online communities that can help you achieve your goal of being a full-time skilled web developer.


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