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Tips for a Perfect Wedding Website

A personal website is a must part of the wedding – planning process. For engaged couples a website is a must which is the hub of all things. Mention your love story, registry and everything else they need to stay in loop. In this blog we will give you tips contributing to your perfect day and examples. Guests need to know everything to stay in loop for being excited about the wedding. If you haven’t heard about building a website here’s a guide to help you get started.

Wedding website tips:

Add a proposal story

A great wedding story is something everyone wants to hear, so use this chance to flaunt your lucky self. A ‘how we meet’ column will let people know your significant other with all the fun details. This is a recommended section so you are free to avoid the column if it feels torturous. Tell visitors about all the stages that your relationship has taken place including first date, etc. This will be a great bonding activity with your partner remembering times spent together. Consider the story description to be brief and be little resistant from sharing too much.

Photo album

Add photos of you as a couple, engagement pictures and other casual pics of you both. Give a chance to let people adore you and bless you. Click the photos with your photographer and once you receive them, add it to the website. Let your guests know about the times when you were together as a boyfriend-girlfriend and share some pics too. Use an app that will sync websites with social media feeds from social accounts.

Wedding hashtags

Hashtags work for any businesses social media handles, and is also true for wedding websites. Add this to the header and footer to make it visible to guests. Guests will know about the wedding hashtag and will be able to use it while posting pictures of you too together! You can also see what has been posted in everyone’s social accounts. You can ask for guests’ suggestions on hashtags and announce the best one. Couples come up with hashtags right after getting engaged and use it on their wedding planning and actual wedding.

Ceremony Location

Mark your big day’s ceremony location with a mapped location indicated with ease to arrive. Give your visitors as much information as possible about the venue and arrival time. Things that can be considered in a wedding website is to add a supply direction, phone number, time, etc. For more details add a link to download a document with the mentioned details so that attendees can print. Add all the hotel information specified on the list with registry details for easy check-in. Mention the major airport nearest to the hotel for the ease of transportation services. People will always want to know more about the best restaurants, shopping, and parks to visit. Guests will always want to know more about the travel time and parking from the ceremony.

Customised Theme

Every individual has a different personality, so their website should look exactly relatable to them. Align your website with your style making sure all the elements match. Get creative and upload your own fonts with popular websites like WordPress, Zola and Wix. Make your website as you want including photos, holiday pictures, engagement photos and family reunions. Upload fonts making it easy to use and hassle free to navigate with the support of personal touch. You can also use your own fonts and colours and elements following some guides if needed. According to your minimalistic or classic aesthetic choice, select the one that appeals to you the most.

Guest List

Keep a track of your guest list through RSVP through the wedding website. Website has tools by which you can email directly on site for automation of the site. Let guests RSVP you on the guest list directly on the site in the form of invites. This will give you an organised list for each event like bridal showers, wedding rehearsals or family reunions. Create a guest list effortlessly and keep your guests informed about the wedding. For being more precise, you can organise guests by category for multiple celebrations. You can manage all the dietary restrictions, accommodation information, and travelling of visitors etc here. Add all the details about the functions that a typical Indian wedding has and mention dress codes if so.

Wedding website examples:

Freya and Tom

Freya and Tom have designed a customised sweet and simple website that you’ll love the vibe off. A black colour palette with minimal blush is used into a developed menu logo. The lettering is beautiful complimenting with the custom header wedding websites. In this page, the website layout is nailed to peak with an organised page for the day. They have added all the important information, including venue details and schedule for the day.

Jaime and Meli

A special theme is used for creating something special and this wedding is a perfect example. This is a fully customised background with custom header, custom logo and customised background. The illustrations are stunning as they both, displaying that in the website. The details in the proposal story are just adorable and they’ve also made an FAQ page. FAQ’s are basically of registry details, dress code, kids, and elders. They’ve shared images of their trips together that look really really cute. The golden detailing of the logo and the wedding date is just awesome with an invitation note.

The question to ask yourself is ‘What should I put on this damn thing?’ It’s about passing important details to make people know what to expect. Your guests can find all the information in one place being an essential online resource. A wedding website is a great tool recommended for any wedding being a straightforward setup. Make a stylish and fun site and answer all the questions in one centralised platform. Our website development topics will help you find perfect platforms for your needs.


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