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Tips for Creating a Killer ‘About Us’ Page on Your Website

An About us page contains all the design elements including companies missions, goals and core values. 52% of customers or clients visit the landing page first in the homepage. With the about us page you can give a brief intro about the company and its team. Include all the projects and services in that about us page design. If it’s written in first person’s perspective, it gives a mesmerising narrative to the page. The page comes with basic details about the company like information about your business, expertise that you have gained, value that you keep forward on the table, milestones achieved in the journey and lastly company’s history.

Understand the purpose of the page, to give a brand essence and personality. Explain why you are the perfect choice for making a strong first impression by being reliable. By doing this you’ll create an impression that will help you gain visitors’ trust. The about us page gives you an opportunity to tell why your company is awesome.

Show off your achievements that you have gained by catering customers’ needs. Focus on the solutions that you provide for the customers instead of focusing on yourself. Customers will peek behind the curtain to see if you can do business with them. In our list of web development articles, we are focusing on how to make about us page.

Brands Story

A brand’s story is a marketing method that uses creative methods to connect with potential customers. This is mostly linked with a brand’s mission for developing a stronger bond. Take the hold of characters, settings, and plots for developing the brand’s story. This draws inspiration, goals, products and services for creating a robust brand story. Develop a good story so people understand the brand, purpose and products.

Be a good storyteller by telling all history, including how your website was found, the reasons and objectives. Give your company members credit for their efforts, and use it as the best place for writing stories. Communication is vital, so communicate the ups and downs of the journey in it. Make it so precise that customers understand the background of the e-commerce website. Meet the needs of customers and make that obvious on the web page.

Statement of Mission

The world is influenced by the buyer’s behaviour and their belief in the company. A right product and price design is a concept that is not enough for adding value to the mission. The products can be humanised in buyers’ persona for having an effective connection. We have seen websites that show difficulty in stating the real mission filled with pages. Best about us pages are those that connect with customers and create a connection between link and desire. Bear in mind that people do business with the brands they like only after they create a connection. Employees tend to use mission statements for becoming the guide in decision-making. Ensure that current organisational goals are inclined with the campaign or initiatives. Every webpage has a purpose and mission statements help define them.

Describe Values and Ethics

Every small and insignificant decision has enormous implications ensuring longevity and craving better paths for the future. Answer all the questions including the world you are building for visitors and guaranteeing capabilities. State the things the person you are becoming or what do you aspire to become. All these questions will enable us to think what, how and why for ‘ought’ before ‘can’ thought processes.

Make the page more corporate than a resume while skipping the generic stuff and becoming real. Write in a way that matches goals with transparency and vulnerability that will state your principles. Principles will guide you in everything you do so don’t be restricted and add all the visuals.
As we have mentioned frequently, showcase the values of your business and tell customers what matters. Prevent them from making wrong decisions and help them earn credibility.

Being Interesting

Lists and facts are boring, so offer something more engaging by finding a hook capture. Select an interesting name for the web page and check for how much text a page needs. Consider which sections are appropriate enough to be included and connect it with the rest of the website.

For getting a clearer picture, ask your client itself about what they want to read about. Write a blog post asking them what they want in the next blog. Know their expectations and understand what makes them come back for more information. Give a chance for guest posting for someone online or offline publishing the best pieces. This will open the traffic signals from both sides by sharing links and driving more readers.

Include Socials

Social media supports what you say and do, it acts like a motivator for site visitors. It includes sections of ‘Awards and Press’ that mentions past achievements like – Instagram highlights. So, mention all the past achievements in a unique way that will speak about your brand. A realistic touch is always important because it’s directly correlated with the brand. This will open more doors for content sharing and engaging with the support of a community. Right tools will integrate social media with websites, email, and other channels. This will automatically lead to more reach and higher support with positive outcomes. The social media taps are in the bottom of most blog posts that sometimes appear in the top. Check the website’s credibility and be more confident by going through the pages online. While sharing the social media options be careful and only share those that you think will add more relevance. It’s okay if you share just one platform on the about us page.

Summing Up!

The common questions that enter into the customer’s minds are – is your company big or small, is it a public, private or family-owned business, where are you located, what is making your company unique, what are the core values, etc. Of course, it seems a tall order but one should approach you with enthusiasm. If you are confident about yourself, you will attract many heights, so show that on the about us page. Sing your own praises because ultimately, it’s you who have done the efforts for reaching there. This part can be tricky but do it in a tactful manner using facts and not the hype.



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