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Top 3 Examples of Website Branding You Should Know

You need to boost your business to have good growth, and branding your website can help to gain it.
In this guide, we’ll explain what a branding website is and its importance, keep on reading to explore further to know more about brand website examples.

What is Website Branding?

Branding gives the company a personality, look, feel, and voice, which can set them apart from other companies. Branding website design is not only about logos and colour, a uniqueness to your website design is also needed. Branding helps the website to communicate with the audience without real communication as you can tell your customer about your company such as who you are, why you should be chosen, your services, etc.

The Benefits of Branding Site Are

• Help to Increase the Sales
• Build Customer Loyalty and Recognition in the Market.
• Creates a Clear-cut Aim for the Company
• Creates a Strong Company Culture, Which Will Be Effective and Friendly for the Employee Too.
• Lead to Attract Investors and Top-quality Talent to a Company Which Will Help in Grown of Your Business.
• It Will Create a Great Impression, Which Will Help You to Be Highlighted Among the Competition and Market.

Element Required to Build a Strong Website Branding

Speak about your company:

• The Customer Needs to Know About Your Company, So They Can Get More Clarity About the Company. This Includes
• The Reason Behind Building the Website: Goal and Purpose of the Website
• The Point Claiming That Your Company is Better than Others.
• What Are Services Provided and to Whom?
• What is the Way of Your Behaviour towards the Visitors?
• To Maintain a Healthy Relationship With the Audience, Do Respond to Their Queries or Add a Faq Section, Do Share Product Updates, and Their Reviewing.

Detailing of the Website Layout and Structure:

A layout design and structure will talk more about website ideas and goals but in visual form. It should follow a certain standard format:
Homepage: Simply a website entranceway. Well, then the main gate should build a great impression, as it is said people tend to make a judgment based on the cover page of a book. Similar goes for any website.
About: Tells the brand story, and highlights the people who are behind the brand.
Product and services page: Provide an overview and information about the products and their services.
FAQ page: Frequently asked a question that covers the queries of the audience.
Policy Page: Give a brief about the company’s fund and policies.
Contact page: Contains details such as contact number, social media platforms, head office, and branch location.
The structure should include; Header, footer, navigation, button, visuals, colour schemes-palate, Fonts, and typography.

Visual Assets and Colour Combination:

A brand will get recognized through its visual and colour asset, if we take a common example a golden shade-M, you know which famous brand we are speaking about. Through a logo, we can identify a particular brand. Visual assets including logo design, infographics, videos, and high-quality photographs will be beneficial for your website. The colour and visual assets you use should convey the brand message without the help of words. Colour plays a very important role in creating mood, feeling, and vibe. Emotions are shown with the help of colours. Decide your website’s colour scheme and use it in Visual assets.


Content should be formulated in such a way that it speaks out the business goal, rather than irrelevant content. Content can be in written or visual form but the common thing is the idea. Including blogs, articles, copy, PR related videos for the branding of the website.
You need to understand and keep an eye on the audience preference and needs who visit your website. As per the target you need to invest more time in creating content to grab the target’s attention. So, while providing content for the website you need to consider three thing visitors thought, business objectives, and good SEO building.

Consistency and Great User Experience:

Consistency in visuals, design, and content is an essential part of website branding that can create a loyal brand audience. Visitors will find your website soothing if it is consistent.
You need to pay attention to the following points to generate a great experience for users on your website:
The website content should be useful, the website should be easy to access and use, your website design elements should evoke emotions, and the navigation should be good which will build trust among the audience.
Your audience response to your product, services, and the system should be good as it shows that the audience is happy opting for your website.

Branding Site Examples Are

1. PayPal

It is a phone app and even has an online website that can do online payments. You can create your account on PayPal a payment platform and enjoy its services. When you open the website, it comes with a greeting slideshow along with a demonstration video that guides you about how PayPal works. The color used in the website is mostly blue and white, the typography is sleek and modern, and the content is informative, and not too formal. PayPal with good website branding assures visitors that their data and finances are safe with it.

2. Discord

Discord is an app and website, which help to connect people. Voice, video, and text are the tools provide to communicate with communities and friends. The website uses a friendly tone to convey the message and CTA. Such as “Ready to start your journey?” instead of “Sign in Now.” Discord design attracts students, gamers, and fandoms more compare to other individuals. The discord website has saturated colour, the font used for the heading is wide, and uses quirky animated characters, which makes it more cheerful, lively, and inviting. Discord with the help of good branding offers a safe space where people can take a break from real life and connect with others.

3. Spotify

Spotify has an app and digital music service website, that gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts, videos, and other content from creators all over the world. Once you open the site, you are greeted with a full-screen slideshow of Spotify’s latest stories. The different splashes of colours are used in the website, the font is a basic sans serif, the content consists of primarily business and creator blog posts, and has a formal tone.

Wrapping Up!!!

If you are going to build a website, keep the element required to build a strong website branding in mind along with the examples given in the article.
Website branding will help to maintain a quality standard, which will help to create an image among the audience.
Hope so this content was resourceful and gave a clear idea about brand-building sites examples. For more Website development topics stay in touch with us.


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