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Top Best Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress 2022

If you are looking for a basic free tool or advanced free tool, some great plugins are available. For finding the best event plugin calendar, you’ll find all the information here. We are reviewing these plugins and penning down as per our experiences of usage. WordPress event schedule plugin does much more apart from only scheduling your calendars. You don’t need to mail your customers back and forth now for informing about the upcoming events. Look out for the listicle for some insights on the best plugins available.

Sugar Calendar

This is the top pick plugin because of many reasons for WordPress calendar plugins. The admin interface is simple and comes within the WordPress dashboard. This comes in a filtered functionality and the calendar widgets display lists of past and upcoming events. Filter the events date and time format with easily customizable techniques. This transition ready plugin is lightweight making suitable for international audiences. Installing a calendar for your WordPress site is easy with the plugin’s short codes. There is a customisation option available, which is supported for advanced personalisation.


Timely is another one in our favourites list – free event calendar plugin for quick integration. You can customise each theme with easy configuration for calendar display having multiple themes. The inline theme editor of the calendar helps you enhance the appearance without necessary coding. You can make it appear like it has been since the beginning of the page. There is no function in the plugin that you cannot control from the settings. Easily add event name, location, description, tags, categories, and other details like time of the event. It has this amazing feature of adding a Google Map’s location for pinning an event location.

Booking Calendar

With this plugin, a booking calendar plugin can be added whenever there is the need. This includes accommodations, equipment rentals, event/patient scheduling, or other services needed for reservation purposes. The calendar is in the front end where users fill a form and check availability for submission. You will receive a notification pop up when booking is requested to make reservations. You can search and sort the bookings and prevent yourself from double bookings. Although, you cannot add an input field to booking forms but of course you can schedule them.


Everyone is welcome to use this powerful and practical tool of Amelia no matter if you are a small business, agencies and individuals. This WordPress calendar plugin will save lot of time and energy while scheduling appointments or bookings. Offer your clients an easiest way of booking services and setting up appointments. While configuring the calendar to fit into your needs you’ll experience a simple process. Set up things in minutes and have Amelia work on the website already. Speaking of features, with Amelia you can have flexible appointments, a nifty calendar view, working schedule, email notifications and many other features. Amelia does a lot of work for you so you focus on your business while cutting costs. This plugin for WordPress calendar also provides features like SMS reminders, online payments and many other 3rd party integration services.

My Calendar

This is one of the best WordPress event calendar plugin because of its simplicity and easy usage. Its functions are straightforward, allowing you to create custom calendars and display them by categories, locations, or authors. The calendar plugin will let you schedule recurring events, and custom templates provide user experience. A highly configurable WordPress plugin with an extensive settings page is done by My Calendar. This will give you powers to control almost every aspect that is displayed on your calendar. Its remarkable feature supports Google Map display in a single event page. The premium version includes a combination of ticket sales operations, RSVP, tickets printing, or picking up from a specified location.


EventOn has some of the advanced features of WordPress plugins having an easy interface. It has the potential to assign different colours on each event, that helps you find things you look at. Customisation is something we all look for and EventOn is the best plugin to do that. Design that event page and pair it with your brand’s theme with easy visual customisation. You can include elements and Google Maps location for enhancing functionality and design. EventOn has a mesmerising tile layout that looks like a portfolio listing all your events. Serves an excellent event management programme using organisational tools, managing locations, a search bar for users and social sharing tap-ons.

All-In-One Event Calendar

This plugin has over 100,000 active installations so far being a great alternative for WordPress website owners. It is easily managed and a blissful way to list events in WordPress. The user interface is simple with notable features like event filtering and easy sharing. You can showcase your calendar on other sites and import/export stuff. Display Google maps and recurring events with a free version of calendar plugin. It supports shareable features on Google calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook and any other system. The plugin is optimised for SEO being a great relief for optimising it manually. All-in-one event calendar and five different view modes and an Inline calendar theme editor. For more options opt for their hosted software solution that provides extended views, Frontend submission forms, Super widgets, Venues, Twitter Integration, and much more.

WP Event Manager

A full-featured event management plugin for adding event listing functions. The plugin can work with any WordPress theme being easy to customise and set. Event listing can be tied with email or website address so attendees can register themselves. Allowing logged-in organisers to view, edit, and mark delete their active event listings. This is a fully responsive and SEO-friendly design being lightweight and intuitive interface. The premium pack comes with handy add ons like Google Maps integration, WooCommerce sell tickets, Google analytics, Embeddable event widget, and many more. Some of the mind-blowing features include Caching support, multilingual translation, fronted forms, etc. Along with many other event plugins, this gives a free plugin with an option of buying add-ons. Being a sleek and simple interface, the free feature list is quite impressive.

Wrapping up!

Having a rich featured and fully functional calendar plugin is what we all desire. But how do we achieve that? Well, the listicle of the top plugins is mentioned for your rescue in our WordPress development blog. Make the best use of it and gain results for a professional based website.


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