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Top Social Media Trends to Follow in 2023

Social media landscape changes throughout the year since new trends emerge. The existing ones are carried on into future and social media managers look into trends. We have seen a vivid picture of social media strategies and advertising nearing the end of another year. The past few years have been a major chaotic network for major social media networks. With today’s blog we are listing predictions for each social media trend that can be checked for.

Augmented reality

So basically, these are the filters that people put on their real-life photos called augmented reality photos. The real-life implementation had already gained a lot of prominence and so these filters enhanced the appearance. It’s a popular feature to stand out with younger audiences with the try on features like sunglasses, makeup products, etc. The feature is a bliss for eCommerce website holders improving the overall shopping experience.
If you have worked with an expert, you’ll know about the trends and technology adoption with social media. The users always crave for an engaging and entirely new experience time-to-time. There is a feature that can have immense attention like the use of AR filters. The feature has seen improvement in content engagement as seen in abundance.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is an environment perceived through a device known as Virtual Reality or Helmet. The environment is a computer-generated model allowing us to immerse ourselves as the part of characters. 3D movies, gave off odours and generated vibrations has made the experience as vivid as possible. There is a progressive evolution in both designs and interface design having subsequent technological developments.
Marketers believe that technology can revolutionise social media for better because it increases the purchase decisions. Hosting special events and increasing brand awareness is the perfect way for social media awareness. Participants in such events, consumers take pictures, and a promotion is done for your brand. Educating customers about the brand or services will help them in making a more informed decision. For a clothing brand, a customer can try the clothes like they do in a trial room.

Social justice and brand involvement

This method has shown a positive impact in the brands and mindsets of people. More and more brands are taking the decisions to enter a public discourse on social media. People choose social media because it’s a platform where people can become themselves and connect with the world. Being a social media platform supporting, political and environmental issues can have an adverse effect on audience. This is a marketing tactic for sincere involvement having adverse effects on segments of the audience. Social media users support the trend of business activism, liking to see brands actively engaging.


With memes you can create relatable content in a visual way by adding some creatively cool elegance. Some niche specific memes seamlessly connect with the audience without losing the fun element. Memes build relationships with the target audience, opening doors to converse with the target audience. There are more than 1 million memes posted on Instagram coming in a variety of types. You can express dynamic feelings through memes to pursue human intentions. A picture or a short video, even if it’s relatively funny, it’s called a meme. So, get creative with existing formats and tools that contribute to comedy. Memes are very easy and quick to create and countless websites do this rapidly. Because of their viral nature, they spread all over the internet more than any other content pieces do. There are two types of memes – an entertainment viewer and a meme with a deeper meaning called satirical meme. Memes are highly engaging that create a sense of community becoming a main part of strategy.

Local targeting to get more prevalent

According to the searches, four to five consumers conduct local searches looking for nearby stores. While setting ads, you have control of where your ads can be shown in a strategic manner. For budget constraints, use the ads that will impact you to save money. Local targeting has become more prominent in social media marketing for geo-tagging posts and stories. Upload stories and posts in their vicinity for being more discoverable to reach relevant audiences. If you are a store looking for more in-store customers and popularity, location targeting can be a rescue. Location targeting is more effective looking at customer lifestyles for discovering and purchasing. Location-based targeting allows marketers to deliver more targeted messaging’s that grows awareness. It works both ways, becoming beneficial for both consumers and marketers for growth and profits. You can create personalised content for specific audiences which can act wonders.

No-Filter Feed

Brands are moving away from aesthetics to authenticity, and creators anticipated to spend less time for a picture-perfect perception. Selection of less-filtered and more in-moment content with simplistic looks are given more importance. The trend goes in-hand with the rise of authenticity over recent years. There has been a shift in the type of content feed posted for a deeper connection with the followers.

Wrapped up…
We have listed the most used social media trends in 2023 so cherry-pick the best ones to rule this year! Create a massive impact on users as well as in brands and be ahead of the curve. We have mentioned some ideas like augmented reality, virtual reality, social justice and brand involvement, memes, local targeting and no-filter feed. Social media trends are constantly changing and they start with small beginnings. Hence, keep a close ear on buzz and watch out for opportunities that can be taken advantage of.


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