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Top Ways to Make Money Blogging on WordPress

Small business owners are making money on the internet online. With increasing technology it’s becoming even easier to make a revenue generating website. Even a non-technical person can start blogging and make money. If you are looking to make money online with no scams, our WordPress development blog focuses on you. You can work at your own time and from home and there are no limits to earning. Many of these ways need your time and effort to get started. Once you have set up your blog, you are ready for this guide.

Affiliate Links

This is one of the easiest ways to make a bit of money for your blog. Affiliate links take you to a third party website by clicking on a text or image. When a reader clicks on a link or purchases from the product you are promoting, you get commissions. Signing up for affiliate programs is quite easy. Most websites looking for affiliates have a link in their header or footer containing a link for affiliates. You simply have to click on that link and sign up for that programme.

Offer a webinar

To grow your audience, webinars can be an effective way. You can share your valuable insights, experience, which will help you a lot. Webinars also help you make money online. It often is an interactive question and answer session in a live conference. You can start a paid webinar that can be hosted using a webinar software. Just like people offer online courses, you can offer webinars to the public.


You probably have seen advertisements while browsing on sites. These can be at a top, bottom or even in between the pages of content. The owner of a site can allow advertisers to advertise their service. From its site’s traffic they can generate revenue for the advertiser. In this way money can be made if the viewer clicks or purchases their product. If you are getting sufficient traffic on your blog, this can be a simple solution.

Choose a profitable topic

Picking a good niche is a first step in blogging. Choose a selected topic that focuses on your content. A topic that encourages you to talk and learn about that you find amazing. Having a niche helps while selecting a target audience that eliminates unworthy traffic. You should have knowledge about that topic because viewers are keen to learn something new. Google Trends can help you see whether your topic is stable and gaining popularity.

Become a freelance blogger

If you are someone who enjoys blogging, you can use your own blog to attract clients. By doing this, you can actually get paid for blogging for people. Your blog can actually work as a one big advertising platform for clients. This makes a solid way to make money from WordPress. You can do this by creating a ‘Hire Me’ page where clients can directly contact you.

Sponsored Posts

If you have a pre-established blog, there are advertisers that would pay you for writing a sponsored story. If you believe you can do product reviews and write descriptions you can make money by charging a fee. It depends on your traffic size, product value as well as type of client. You can also use referral links to those products and services.

Digital Products

If you want to stay away from the hassle of shipping, packing and coordinating digital products might fit better.  Most products can be accessed or downloaded immediately after purchase. You can make printables like calendars, budgeting plans or lesson plans. You can make lessons or online courses on topics that your blog covers. A self written and published E-Books can be made in a PDF form.

Create a blogging network

If you get good traffic and recognition, it can be the highest income generation flow. You can create a paid access to a blogging network or be a part of one. Such communities help you gain ideas for content and also allow collaboration with a shared audience. Once you have established good relationships with bloggers you might get asked for guest writing.

For having a full – time income through blogging you must have multiple income streams. More readers makes you more attractive to advertisers for your benefit. All you need is passion, patience, will-power and right methods. We have listed different ways to money for your work to be simplified.


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