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Types of Content Marketing and its benefits

Content Marketing involves sharing of images and videos. There are many types that a content marketer can choose from. The people from southwest mix up by posting gifs, blog posts, and re-tweets. It all depends on what type of content promotes business.

Content marketing types and benefits :


Having a blog that corresponds with your product drives good attention. It is the most effective way to bring traffic to your website. A well-organised strategy will help to increase the traffic. You can pin points and answer questions in a long form. Content that stays in viewers eyes for a long run can drive traffic for years.
Benefits :
– Drives traffic
– Social media content
– Converts traffic
– It drives long term results

Case studies or storytelling

Case study / storytelling is good examples that can be used for a good content marketing plotting. If you want traffic conversions this is an effective method. When prospects read about customers who have good experience with your brand, you have a good will. Maintaining good relations with customers is all that doesn’t need to be explained. This builds trust and goodwill in the long run by success-stories. Storytelling being the heart of content marketing you’ll need to offer compelling, story-driven premises.Case studies focus on higher – cost, high – value and services with the risk of huge investment. Storytelling is an art that can be developed as a tool to connect, build confidence and change.
Benefits :
– Builds trust
– Engaging through storytelling
– Identifying brands
– Sales team assisting
– Adds value to the content in long run
– Sparkles imagination

Personalised touch with E-mails

You can send any commercial content in emails targeting a group of people or individuals. People love personalised services for their needs or wants. By emails you can drive more attention in a professional manner. Newsletters, acquisition mails, retention emails and promotional emails are something you can use. You can keep existing and new customers posted with services, offers, new launches, etc.
Benefits :
– More effective than social media
– Targeted emails generate revenue
– Has good ROI
– Personalised content
– Increasing leads


People have their own preferences being readers and viewers. They like to listen more in their free time while commuting, working out or while doing the dishes.  Many Americans make podcasts a priority even in their busy schedule. A high rate of subscriptions are seen in podcast listeners.
Benefits :
– Gains relationship
– Increases rankings
– Generates conversions
– Lower investment


Most webinars focus on tools that give insights to the viewers. Hoping participants need paid products or services. Attendees join the webinars to gain knowledge and can be interested in buying products and services. Things you need to keep in mind that it is not a sales pitch ; it’s about giving value to the attendees. Although they open the doors of opportunities for selling.
Benefits :
– Reaching audience
– Boosts brand awareness
– New customers
– Generating leads


They are a form of quote but come in the form of products and services. It can be a statement from the previously satisfied people. Statements expressing gratitude or experience can be highly engaging. It increases purchasing power and decisions. Building a brand’s reputation is possible with significant testimonials and reviews. You can gather and format testimonials and spend time on playing with visual elements.

Benefits :
– Real time marketing
– Good connection
– Creates brand reputation
– Enhances engagement

While there are so many content marketing types available for your marketing platforms, choosing the right one can be difficult. You need to consider what you want to create – it’s good to have things planned. Start from goals and make a step-by-step plan for an effective strategy. A good researched content will add value to your blog or articles. This blog on content marketing types will help you reach your goals. Our blog on benefits of content marketing will help you gain goals.


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