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Ultimate Guide to Backend Web Development

Developing a website is no easy task. The overall process of developing a website is time taking and requires a lot of effort. Though it seems easy to build a website on WordPress, because of its pre-built themes and plugins, you cannot have full control over the functionality or cannot completely alter the whole appearance of your website at your will. For these, you got to develop it manually from the scratch. While doing it, you may encounter terms like frontend development or backend development. So, what are they? Let’s discuss this in today’s website development blog.

Web development is basically based on frontend development and backend development. The front end is basically the front-end portion of the website, the part which users see and interact with on the website. It is mostly developed using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, etc. whereas the back end means working on server-side software. Backend developers use various programming languages for web development purpose. It includes PHP, Python, and Ruby, in conjunction with backend frameworks, to create an application that delivers all of the required functionality to users while also dealing with databases. It means it focuses on everything you cannot see on the website.

What is Backend Development?

As we mentioned above, the backend of web development focuses on everything you cannot see on the website. You can also say the creation of everything that goes on behind the scenes of a website or application that the user can’t see. Backend developers use different programming languages such as PHP, Python, and Ruby, with backend frameworks to create an application that provides all the required functionality to the users and also deals with Databases.
The back end is typically a great combination of an application, a server, and a database. When you interact with a website by entering information, that information is saved in a database on a server. The outcomes are then restored to you as front-end code to be showcased on the site as needed.

What is it that a Backend Developer Does?

A Backend developer who is also known as a programmer is responsible for the technologies that are built by them to support database hosting interaction and user interaction on the website. They also ensure that the website runs smoothly and efficiently without any bugs. Basically, the website is divided into two section, one is the user interface i.e. the front end that supports every interaction of the user on the website and then there is all technical support that helps the user interface to run efficiently i.e. the backend development. Without the backend support, the front end is useless per se. A back-end developer also ensures communication between the front end and the database that will support it in an organized manner.

Why is Backend Web Development Necessary?

It is important to understand that without the backend development, you cannot develop the overall functionality of your website. It is basically considered to be the root of your website. Every functional website isn’t just texts and pictures that you in code using HTML, it needs database synchronization, and a real-time text exchanges. That’s what backend developers help you with. For example, imagine having an eye-catching car but is it worth anything if it cannot be driven? The front end is appealing but requires features and functions before it can be considered valuable.

What Skills a Backend Developer Needs

To become a backend developer, you need to have some knowledge of the following components:

Web Programming Language

Every digital machine needs a set of instructions to perform certain tasks or functions. Those set of instructions is usually provided by web developers through a programming language that is known to the machine. If you want to work as a backend developer, you should first learn programming or scripting language. They are also known as server-side languages and are usually executed and run on the server. To create any server-side application or backend web development with Python, .NET, PHP, etc.

Database or Cache

Every Backend developer must have good knowledge of one of the Database Management System tools. All these DBMS tools are used to handle large amounts of data, they can also use cache for small data related to the individual users. Programming languages have their own support for database management system technology i.e. DBMS tools. Top programming languages such as Python, PHP, and JAVA are compatible with any DBMS tool. Remember data is a very important part of backend development.


Next comes, the servers. Every developer also needs to have basic servers like apache, ISS, and Microsoft. There are many servers support Linux operating systems. It is a good idea to understand the basics of Linux because you will have to use some Linux commands while working.


These days, API also known as application programming interface is one the most important part of any backend programming language. Web applications can use to communicate with other web applications by attaching prewritten code to them. Considering you are planning on being a backend developer, you need to have good knowledge of API for instance.



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