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Web Developer Vs. Software Developer: What’s the Difference?

You are obviously familiar with these two terms, even if you don’t know what they mean. They definitely describe the same area of expertise but their job is different. Their work intersects constantly, but both differ in significant ways. Both are used for developing applications for businesses. If you have a question on what is software developer then your answer is someone who develops windows based applications. Web developer makes web-based applications for users. This Web development blog focuses on the difference between web developer and software developer.

Web Developer

Web developers work on websites, maintain them and do other tasks related to web development platforms. It includes different tasks such as developing web pages, internet applications, social sites, and e-commerce. Basic web developer skills of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are known to them. Websites that can run on both computer and mobile devices are created. There are two types of web developers – front end and back end. Front-end developers look at the client side views like interface, visual elements. Backend developers look at server, application and database.

Software Developer

A specific programming language is being used that improves the quality of business. It meets the users needs and then design, develop and test the software. Software development is mainly known for desktop applications and their functioning. Their tasks also include troubleshooting codebugs, updating interfaces, creating new tools, etc. They are heavily involved in each stage of the application design process. Analytical and critical skills are often seen in developers with interpersonal competencies. They are required to create flexible solutions that improve the profits of the company. Two types are common i.e. software application development and software system development. Application development includes designing and developing mobile and desktop applications. System developing software is more industry specific for industries, businesses or enterprises.

Difference Between Web Development and Software Development


Website Developer

Software Developer

•Web developed applications perform best in data centralization and multi-user. Software developed applications perform best in gaming and file handling duties.
•Has a good range for customisation. Has customisation limitations.
•Static pages and dynamic web content can be managed. Static content screens are made.
•Can be accessed from any system because of an easily accessible domain. Software cannot be runned in any devices, it has to be installed in a system.
•Websites are client server based.


Software are applications that are client based.
•Hosting can be done on the internet for websites Software does not require any hosting platforms.
•Web developers use languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Software developers use C++, Java and Python.
•Interaction with existing customers are increased by website developers with improved user engagement, providing visual content, increase of visitors,etc. Efficiency, productivity, customer relations, etc is improved by Software developers.


•It gives information to users when they require it. Software finds and develops the right code by quality work.
•The primary focus on web development is to make web applications appealing and fascinating. Software focuses on logic and algorithms.
•There are two types of web development – frontend and backend Software development has many types. With the evolution of technology, branches are created. Software application development and software system development is common.
•Web development needs cross browser support. Software needs to be made compatible with Windows, Linux or iOS.
•Web development is compatible with any browser. Software needs to be made compatible with Windows, Linux or iOS.
•Requirement of creative thinking for new web design and features. Software developer skills include logical and analytical thinking.
•Web development focuses on graphics and content. Software follows a simple and straightforward code.

Various methods are used to keep a track of the progress of web and software. Both use a set of rules for creating secure and reliable applications. Although, web development is in demand for market needs due to rising use of the internet. Well – made combination of both can enhance outcomes of business. It would be one of the best strategies for businesses for earning profits.



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