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Web Development Life Cycle: A New Methodology for Web Development

In today’s digital era, the web development industry is blooming at a great pace. Every business, whether it is a small scale or large scale, needs a website to grow as a whole. And also it is becoming essential to have a high-functioning website to fulfil the digital requirement of the customer. Every industry is focusing on building a website that is well designed and optimized for marketing services and stands away from the crowd.

Web development as a whole isn’t about coding and programming languages completely. With other hundreds of factors to consider, it has become impossible to follow a well-designed structure to deliver a great website and avoid conflicting problems as well. Life cycle approach of website development is something that can help things run systematically and in order.

Web development is a step-by-step strategically designed method that helps you to achieve your desired result regarding your web development. There are basically 7 steps that follow a lenient path as it goes.

Before that one should know what is web development. Web development is the process of building a website or web application that runs on the internet. It has several layers yet 3 to consider the most.


Server-side, also known as the backend server deals with everything that is off the eye of a regular user. It basically supports the functionality of the website. It consists of components such as data management, servers, and logical components.


The client side is also referred to as the front-end server, which is basically everything you see and interact with on a website. Without front-end development, it is impossible for you to attract a prospect through your well-designed interface.

Full Stack

As the name suggests, full stacks deal with both frontend and backend development, which is in short the whole process of web development. A full-stack developer is skilled in both UI and UX aspects of the website.

What is a Web Development Cycle?

A web development cycle deals with every stage required in web development. From planning to deploying the website online, consider the standard steps in order to develop a well-designed website. Let’s discuss this in detail in this website developer blog.

The stages of the web development life cycle include:

Research and Analysis

Consider this the most important step in order to develop a website, yet most people ignore this step because they don’t feel much need for it. Well, they are wrong! Gathering information regarding the project and the client is pretty essential. Until and unless, you have a clear idea regarding the project, you won’t be able to deliver the right solution for that matter.

Planning and Strategizing the Next Move

Website development is no easy task. It requires a lot of strategies to develop a website. The different aspect includes web design, technologies, content planning, and marketing. Based on the information gathered and analysed in the last stage, informed decisions are made about the structure and features of the website.

Designing And Wireframe

The web development process also involves choosing and designing different layouts for your website. The layouts may involve rough sketching geographically to feel whether the design works for you or not. The main purpose of it is to give an informed structure of the web design that can be presented to a client or even for your own satisfaction.

Content Creation

What you put as content in your website is the most essential part of web development. If you can’t communicate with your customer, the whole process of designing and developing is a complete waste of time. Creating a communication channel that supports the overall user experience on the website is the main objective of the content creation stage. Content writing is the relevant information regarding your business in the easy possible manner so that your user can easily understand the message you are trying to convey.

Coding and Development

The development phase in web development project in the life cycle is actually the overall building of your website. Developing the client-side and server-side of the website is accomplished in this stage. It is considered the most time-consuming part of the website development life cycle.

Quality Check and Testing Phase

The next stage is to check whether the website is optimized to go online. After the website is developed, a set of tests have conducted that check the overall performance and usability of the website. It requires a lot of testing related too. Mostly in this phase is to check the functionality of the website on all devices and platforms.

Getting it Online and Maintenance

After getting clearance team approval, the website is finally ready for deployment. Your life cycle of website building is almost complete. But the work is not over yet. Continuous feedback from user interaction lets you know the scope of improvement. Remember, optimizing a website is a never-ending task. There is also some, if not the whole, room for improvement in the website development process.


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