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What are the Stages of Website Development?

There are many different stages that you need to consider in the website development process. From gathering initial information for making a website, it needs lots of place before launch. Most people think that the process is stressful and can be done by professionals. If you think the same, then you can visit our web development articles page that will help to clear your queries. Creating a website is not a catwalk, but with step – to – step guide you can produce results.

Draft a Proper Business Requirement Document

A good business analyst strives to get an overall understanding of business requirements. After getting a proper understanding try to gain overall understanding of business, translate it in a document. It should be precise, understandable and unambiguous so it can be taken into picture. To keep the things and important points in mind is always good to have a document.


A foundation is made with the overall layout and architecture, but you should complete some steps.
– Choose and register a domain name
– Decide on a best web hosting service
– Pick a website tool building platform
– Plan on the wireframes of your site
Take enough time to make sure you have these foundational things to avoid problems. Once you get a right domain and web hosting you don’t have to worry again. Deciding on how to build your site has a major impact in the long run.

Content, SEO and Navigation

This is a never-ending stage of the web development process so there will be frequent updates. That includes new content, tweaking your SEO, and easy navigation needs constant working or development. You need plenty of viewers after your site is filled with written content, videos or images.

SEO also plays a vital role that ensures things like tags, linking strategy and much more. Google always modifies their algorithms so you need to make sure to keep your SEO strategy updated.
When you set up your initial menus in stage one make sure your linking is completed. This will help visitors find what they are looking for easily so set up all the categories.

Technical Functions

It’s all about the functionality of your website that works for the website development process. The developers also begin to work on website functionality and creating website prototypes. They will also create necessary flows and decide the best technologies for the website. Developers create database and website structure and do the testing. They test the website for bugs and possible errors while implementing coding processes.

The code is the most important part of the website development process and a source of functionality. After coding, test your website and review it before launching to the World Wide Web. It might seem as a mundane part of the process but is actually very critical.

Graphics and Other Appealing Features

Add all the extras and make your site look good with all the necessary elements. The graphics include all the stuff like menu icons, supporting pics, and more. At this stage, you also have to choose the colour scheme of your website. Select good colours and graphics making a big impact on how long visitors stay in your site. Every page can be laid out in an easy manner that gives a sense of continuity. It can be supported by things like videos or images in the same location.

Analyse and Launch

After you are satisfied with how the website looks, it’s time to launch it in public. Gather analytical data from every aspect of site and make adjustments and revise on regular basis. Keep regular content posted to the page so visitors keep coming back with a reason. You should always keep working on new things, features and look at what works best.

Make a research on your end-users age, sex, and interests that will help you create a successful website. The post-launch time is just as important as the phases of website development process. Make your website agile and flexible so you can make changes based on feedback or current trends. The steps in website development will help you gain an insight on what you want to do. There are many stages of website development process that are essential to relevancy.


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