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What Does a Backend Developer Do? The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Who is a Backend Developer?

Development of server-side logic behind the scenes is what back-end developing means. All the coding, database, applications, servers are included to build out a web. The things that are not visible to the viewer are done by the backend developer. The reason behind your amazing user experience is the backend hero. If you are looking for shopping, say women’s hat, a back-end developer is the one who wrote logic for the items relevant to your search. The checkout tasks like price, shipment, tax, etc. are done by the back – end.

What Does a Backend Developer Do?

Duties of a web developer depends on the specific role in the company. It often includes creating libraries, working in the process of business and data architecture. They create, maintain, test and debug the website. For this they work with databases, back-end fireworks, server technologies, cloud computing technologies, programming languages, API integration, reporting, security settings, backing up and restoring data. People working at the back-end have all the necessary back-end developer skills.

Difference between Front-end and Back-end

Front-end developers work on things that a user can see, back-end web developers work on things infrastructure that supports it. For a high functioning website, both are necessary components. Because of the growing number of tools, it’s becoming difficult for people to understand the difference. They work together but both have different concerns for the process. For making it simpler: front-end means user interface, and back-end means server, application or database. A request is generated through the interface and then communicated to the server which has the data and that data is given to the user.

What Back-end Developer Skills Should I Have?

For backend development, it can be helpful to know some database and database caching. Caching is like a store that stores frequently asked queries. Get some web server technologies like load balancers. A web server is a software or hardware that runs in HTTP format as per client’s requests. By using API (Application Programming Interface) two separate applications can talk to one other. Some API styles for backend web development you can come across are SOAP and REST. SOAP means Simple Object Access Protocol and REST means Representational State Transfer.

What Backend Tools Do Developers Use?

All coders use a wide range of tools and technologies for their disposal to carry out their work. Programmers have their own preferred coding style to work with. This is due to the complex working nature with databases and communicating tech infrastructure. Let’s check some tools and tricks used for smooth working.

Popular Backend Programming Tools

Python, Java and PHP are some of the common languages for backend web developer. Among these, python is commonly used for programming languages. For the basics – HTML, CSS, and JAVA can be used too.

Common Backend Technologies

Fireworks is a library that solves common problems so reinventing the wheel is not needed. Node can be used for JavaScript languages, and for python you can use flask.

Database Management

A DBMS is a computer’s way to keep data. Many kinds of operations or either manipulation of data in a management of database structure itself. API designs is a process to expose data functionally for usage of users or developers.

Version Control

Git and GitHub keeps your development flow and a backend developer should be proficient in it. For tracking a code, Git is useful. To host your project in a cloud and provide a set of tools that might help your team collaborate efficiently.

Web Hosting Platforms

This is a place where your website is stored or hosted, it can be a cloud service. Other providers like Amazon Web Service, Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure can be used.


Security concerns are also looked at by the backend. Security checks include protecting API routes, handling and checking authentication and more.

Backend Developer Soft Skills

Teamwork is expected by the web developer since he works in a team. With technical non-technical things like problem solving, critical thinking, good communications are crucial. Just like lots of jobs, you’ll have to work with the team and individually so it’s better to have good strong skills.

In today’s web development articles we have presented a backend developer guide for beginners. It is a skill that powers a website or application, allowing people to browse without even knowing the efforts of the backend team. Understanding the goals of a software, analysing data, process codes, collaborating with the frontend, etc. logical work organising with soft skills is the work of a backend web developer. If you were thinking of starting your journey of development, this article may be a support for you to understand the basics.


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