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What is Sustainable Web Design, and How to Design It?

With the improving technology, huge benefits are introduced with a negative side. Carbon consumption and emission are increasing day by day and it is important to regulate the carbon footprint as soon as possible or it will turn out hazardous.
Even website and their design cause carbon emissions, and it is essential to maintain them for a healthy environment as the internet is producing the poison slowly and steadily with a huge number of users. Sustainability could be the ultimate weapon, but how can a website and its design be called sustainable?

In this guide, we’ll explain what a sustainable web design is and how to design it, keep on reading for more information.

What is Sustainable Web Design?

Sustainability speaks out about people living together and putting efforts to safely maintain the environment for a long time. Similarly, a sustainable web design’s main aim is to put the safety of the environment first.

Sustainable website design is making a website in such a way that it takes minimal energy and resources to load and run, considering environmental health. A website termed a sustainable website should follow the following principles: Clean, Efficient, Open, Honest, and the five R’s

Which are even applied to the life cycle of various apps and online media platforms.

How to Design a Sustainable Website?

1. Easy Website Navigation:

When information is easy to find it will give a user a better experience, saving time and power rather than scrolling and clicking on different keys of the website, loading and waiting for multiple pages to open till you get the desired thing. A clean and clear website makes navigation easy.

The basic links and key elements are on the main page so that the user doesn’t have to wander a lot for it. This will help to increase the SEO and even sustainable web development will be obtained with a proper Website Structure (With simple and proper Content).

2. The Media Size on the Website:

An image, video, or animation brings life and color to simple text but you even need to consider the usage of time it takes to load on a website.
You might have observed, when you are reading an article online the text gets loaded faster but it takes time to load images and videos. Sometimes in frustration being unable to see the image you keep on reloading the entire page. Just imagine the energy used as you are not the only single user who does it!
Instead of putting a media with a big size, you can reduce the size and use it will lead to a sustainable site design. It won’t even take more time compared to loading a 250 kb image than a 10 MB image.

3. Lazy Loading:

When you visit any site a certain element of the website is not loading so you need to refresh the entire page. The already load content is even reloaded increasing the consumption of power. Instead, Lazy loading could be added to the website. The only missing element of the site will reload.
It will reduce the wastage of reloading the entire page.
The benefits of lazy loading are Reduced initial load time (Improving the loading speed), Bandwidth conservation, and System resource conservation.
Lazy Loading is a web frame Network, quite opposite of eager loading.

4. Usage of Color:
The more the color is bright or warm it will consume more energy when displayed on a website. Color usage plays a very important role in saving power. You might have your own brand’s color palette but try to use color which consumes less power, for text or even background.
At present dark mode is becoming popular, as the black color consumes less power. Various leading sustainable websites use the black color a lot. Properly plan the color and design your size website.

5. Green Website Host:

You made your website that creates less carbon emission, but in the end, you created a host to a company whose own carbon emission is more. Instead, keep a green website host from front to back, powered by eco-friendly resources, use a content delivery network and avoid carbon emissions as much as possible. As the data transfer is huge a proper eco-friendly network will lead us to sustain more.
Green Website host includes Renewable energy credits, Sustainable power sources, Carbon offset certificates, Energy efficient equipment, and, green culture. A few Green Web Hosting Providers are HostGator, and DreamHost. At present this had turned into a big market.

Benefits of Sustainable Web Design

1. It Helps to Reduce Carbon Footprint:

When the power consumed is less, it will emit less carbon. Maintaining the count of carbon footprint.

2. Good for the Environment:

When carbon footprint is regulated, it will create a less polluted environment. Saving Non-renewable energy sources and preserving it for upcoming times.

3. Good for Business:

Sustainable Website design will gain popularity among the audience leading to a good cause while creating a good image for the company.

4. Create a good Customer Experience:

An easy model to use and an eco-friendly experience.
Easy to access and understand will create a happy customer.

Sustainable Web Design: A way Towards Environment Safety!

We have seen various points in this guide about Sustainable Web Design, the ways to create it, and its benefits. Adopting this Practice will lead one hand towards environmental safety, which is part of our surroundings and that impacts us directly or indirectly.
Implementing a Sustainable web design to your business will be a completely productive part, saving and preserving the resource, which is essential for an individual too.
Hope so this content was resourceful and gave a clear idea about what website mock-up is and how important it can be if used precisely.

Hope so this content was resourceful and gave a clear idea about what website mock-up is and how important it can be if used precisely.

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