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Which One is Better WordPress or Drupal?

Confused enough regarding choosing between WordPress and Drupal to build your website? Both are great CMS platforms in terms of delivering excellent services to their clients. The only major difference is based on the accessibility and its user-friendly nature. Drupal is a little complex and requires knowledge of the programming language. Despite of that both WordPress and Drupal have many things in common. Both are open-source and free. Both have a wide library of plugins and modules that support your website’s functionality. Both WordPress and Drupal are great tools and the right choices to build your website but also differ in certain ways. Let’s discuss which CMS tool makes more sense in our today’s WordPress development blog.

WordPress in 2022

WordPress is considered to be the world’s most popular CMS tool as it powers almost 47% of all websites. Originally introduced as a blogging platform back in 2002, now powers almost three-fifth of all websites globally. WordPress delivers an excellent user experience. Although, Drupal is also making strides in terms of user experience. WordPress comes with a library that has many pre-built themes to choose from. Drupal has the library too but it normally requires a little coding and the options are fewer than WordPress. It eliminates most of the time and cost barriers to getting your website ready and out in the world. WordPress often gets a strong recommendation for businesses with less complexity where the clients want to hit the ground running with digital marketing.

Drupal in 2022

Drupal has been around for a little longer than WordPress. When it originated in 2000, it was considered to power 3% of the overall websites globally. Drupal is considered a leader as an enterprise-level CMS platform for more complex projects, tending to be on the larger side. One major initiative in 2020 was improving the experience for beginners, as it is a bit complex for users with no prior experience in website development or any programming language. it requires time to configure some of the core functionality. That said, customizing content types and fields is built into the Drupal core, whereas WordPress requires extra plugins to customize.

WordPress Advantage


WordPress is comparatively very user-friendly, especially for a user who has no prior experience with any sort of web development or programming language. It comes with an admin panel that allows users to easily make changes to their website without contacting their web team.


WordPress’s Pre-built themes and plugins not only help users with a smooth on boarding process but also it is easy to extend it without the help of any sort of custom development. With the right set of themes and plugin, WordPress can even beat something that entire origin is based on a custom base service i.e. Drupal.

Easy to Get Help

WordPress supports a global community of developers and developer. It helps an individual to learn, discuss, and implement improved solutions and expect the advancement of website development on the go. The community basically supports you to find solutions for website development and its functionality and features.

Development Cost

WordPress web development is much more affordable than Drupal. Everything from the installation to regular updates and every configuration is either cost very low or no cost. You have to pay for the web hosting services, but that also costs much less. But that is true for every website.

Drupal Advantages

Custom Content and Views

While WordPress is known for offering Custom post types, it has always been a bit more utilitarian, it requires time to configure some of the core functionality. Customizing content types and fields are built into the Drupal core, whereas WordPress requires extra plugins to customize.

Support for Multilingual Sites

In Drupal, multilingual functionality on the website is baked into its core. It maintains the list of languages on your site supporting every dependency to store information. Whereas in WordPress, you can do it with the help of a third party Plugin.

Access Permission for User Controls

Drupal supports a built-in control access system that enables you to create new roles according to admin will. Whereas WordPress single site ships with 5 basic roles for the user.

Taxonomies for Handling Lots of Data

Drupal is more flexible with features like taxonomies, content types, blocks, and views built into the core, but it can take some work to understand how to use them. This creates a learning curve when it comes to using Drupal but ultimately provides more power to the platform and its users.

Drupal vs WordPress

Undoubtedly, both Drupal and WordPress are great CMS tools to build a website. Both have their own perks. It is hard to foretell the difference between Drupal and WordPress. Which is better than WordPress Drupal is a flawed question if you think about it. Rather the suitable question says “which is better for this specific website that I’m building?”. Because it totally depends on the type of website you looking forward to building and its functionality. It would be easy to say that WordPress is always the best solution. If you’re building a site with complex data organization that needs to be customized and flexible, Drupal may well be a better choice.

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