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Why Are WordPress Live Chat Plugins Important?

We live in a digital world today which moves at a very fast pace. People don’t like to wait in ques and so online ticket bookings came into picture. Similarly, no one likes to wait for emails or visit a store in order to get their queries resolved. So, WordPress live chat is a technology that can help a business improve their customer service according to customer convenience. 

If you are wondering what a WordPress live chat is and why is a live chat plugin important for your business website then you are at the right place. In this WordPress development blog we will answer these questions. So, let’s get started. 


What Is WordPress Live Chat? 

We all have come across a chat widget saying ‘Ask me anything’ or something like that at the bottom of the page on a website or the other. This widget is nothing but a live chat. If you have a business website then WordPress live chat could be of great importance to you as with live chat plugins you can show your customers that you care about them.

You can easily install live chat plugin and use the WordPress live chat plugin in order to communicate with your visitors. The working of this plugin is very simple, a small chat widget appears on your web page from where your visitors can connect with you. You can customize or personalize your chat widget like you want to.  


Why Is WordPress Live Chat Website Plugin Important? 

Now that we know what a WordPress live chat is, let us find out why it is important for your business and why you should use it. 

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Increased Convenience 

A means of instant communication with your visitors or customers makes a huge difference in improving your customer support. We live in a time where people appreciate and prefer convenience over anything else. With WordPress live chat, you can render your users the convenience they wish for. 

The live chat website plugin helps you solve your customers’ issues in real time. Your customers can connect to you from any place and they don’t have to worry about physically traveling to get their problems solved. Many plugins also offer live screen sharing and broadcast options that make problem solving easier. 


Quick Response Time 

One of the major advantages of WordPress live chat is the quick response time. This technology overcomes the drawback of lack of multitasking which exists when it involves human staff. A single agent can handle only a single customer at a time and that leads to slow responses and increases waiting time for other customers. 

However, with the help of a live chat plugin you can easily overcome this drawback as a number of customers can get their queries solved simultaneously without any waiting time. Your customers can ask as many questions and all will be answered quickly with proficiency. So, a live chat website plugin acts as an instant means of communication for your customers. 


Ease In Tracking & Analysis 

There is scope for improvement only when you are aware of where you are lagging behind or where you need improvement. With the help of a live chat plugin you can monitor your users’ interaction and activity and gather insightful data. 

As the plugin allows you to save all the data, you can later use it for your business and marketing strategy. Apart from that you can also track your users’ navigation on your website. Tracking your customers’ behavior and analyzing their needs is important in order to serve your customers right. 


Easy Customization 

The live chat website plugin is designed such that it is compatible with any website and it works well with any theme you use. You can customize your chat widget however you like. You can change colors, adjust size, and also location of your chat widget so that it matches your brand theme. You can also set preset messages to greet your customers. 



When your customers are satisfied with your services, they are likely to come back to you and spread the word. A happy customer is always the key to increasing your brand value. With just providing your customers with excellent customer service, you can promote your brand effectively. 


Secure Communication

Security is always one of the common concerns for customers. Well, WordPress live chat comes with an end-to-end encryption ensuring all the chat data is safe and secured. Hence, your customers can be assured about their details and transactions being safeguarded. 



WordPress plugins always help make your website function better and a WordPress live chat plugin is one of the examples. Most businesses have realized the importance of live chat and have incorporated the technology for their website. And if you haven’t already, it may be time that you add live chat to your WordPress website. 



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