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Why Dark Mode on Website is Getting Popular

Most application or website now enables a Dark Mode feature that lets you toggle back and forth between light and dark backgrounds. The dark mode is considered what we call trending in these times. When it comes to user experience, dark mode is the ‘new cool kid’ on the block. It has been around for years, but now most apps and websites consider implementing it. Why not? It has been recorded, an increased time in user interaction with the website. Dark modes have few health benefits to it. Also, search engines don’t mind it at all. 

What makes Dark Mode a popular mode in web design? Is dark mode as glamorous and effective as it suggests? Let us figure it out in today’s web developer blog. 

As we mentioned, Dark themed website is a low-light UI design that usually follows black or grey color-based themes as their primary background color. It is the reversed idea of a typical default white theme UI that has been developed for a decade. Dark mode in websites has shown a significant increase in user screen time than white ones. In response to increased screen time, developers discovered that dark-colored themes help with eye strain, especially in low light settings or basically at night time. Less eye strain means more interaction time and fewer headaches. Right now, we got every major tech company or popular domain that has adopted these dark theme-based designs and offers their user to shift their viewing preference accordingly.

Hence, it is quite easy to understand why today’s developers or coders have been influenced to go for a dark web design. Furthermore, a recent study that has been published states over 70% of software engineers use Dark Theme IDEs, and dark theme downloads are almost always within the top 10 themes as per popular demand.

Pros of Using Dark Mode

User’s Eye-friendly

Dark mode sure helps us reduce eye strains. User often complains about certain conditions while using the screen for longer period of time i.e. Computer Vision Syndrome that makes you eye pain, have blurred vision or double vision, headaches, neck and back pain, etc. When it comes to charts and graphs, the dark mode can help literally reduce the pain.

Low Battery Consumption

Studies have shown that website dark mode designs can save up to 60% more battery life even with maxed brightness. Furthermore, one also need to admit that higher white pixel consumes more power and this effects usage and overall battery life respectively. The dark mode uses an increased number of black pixels, which forces the device to use less energy.

Goes Well With Search Engines

For SEO reference, usability and the users play significant roles in deciding the overall rank of your website on search engines. Dark-themed website design alone doesn’t directly affect the SEO factors. How you utilize the space on a dark theme to improve the total user experience matter the most. Henceforth, using a dark theme doesn’t mean that search engines like Google will penalize you for it. It does, however, matter if you are adversely affecting the user experience in some way.

User Preferences

We all are pretty aware of the fact that the majority of the audiences read texts online as the most viewed and popular forms of media are visuals that can be either categorized into videos or images. Hence user preferences do come into play when it comes to the popularity of dark-themed websites. where online video consumption is considered one of the most popular forms of internet activities worldwide. when taking these studies into perspective, it is definite that dark theme works well with online video streaming sites.

Increased Visibility

Dark mode reduces that bright light and makes it easier to see content in low-light situations. While the dark theme does not make the text bold, it happens to create the opposite reaction where letters bleed, dark mode is more of a mood rather than just a feature.


It is clearly evident that dark mode website design is undoubtedly the trendsetter among the masses. We prefer defining dark mode as more of a mood inkling rather than something more profound. We hope that this article put some of your questions at rest. Both practically and aesthetically, dark mode comes with lots of benefits that a user enjoys. A dark mode or a dark-themed design for your website will surely put you ahead of the curve and let you deliver a great user experience to your clients.


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